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How special is Argentinian beef?

When it comes to “meat”, Argentines will immediately understand that it is beef, not pork or chicken.

Journal The Real World evaluate Argentina as a mecca for beef lovers with the Pampas breed, the different way of cutting and preserving meat. Argentinian chef Emilio Fusé, now living in Hanoi and owner of an Argentinian restaurant, shares the culture and why the South American country’s beef is some of the best in the world.

Emilio Fusé is grilling delicious Argentinian steaks.

Emilio Fusé is roasting chunks of Argentinian beef.

In Argentina, beef is the main ingredient in cuisine, Emilio said. “When we say ‘meat’, we mean ‘beef’, showing that Argentines think when it comes to ‘meat’, it will immediately understand itself as beef, and in other places, ‘meat’ can be understood. pork, beef, chicken… This may indicate the importance of beef to Argentinian cuisine.”

Argentinian cows are raised naturally, freely walking in large fields, very different from the “feedlot” breeding process in other countries, raised cows are not moved much, only so the meat has many layers of unhealthy fat. Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world, but has a relatively small population. This allows cattle raised in Argentina to move, graze naturally on the vast grasslands.

In Argentina there is not a typical beef dish. They have a number of traditional cuts of beef, such as the “entraña” or loin mignon, which is the most common cut in roast beef. “This meat used to be given away for free by fresh meat shops. However, from about 20 years ago, sirloin steak started to become very popular and is now Argentina’s most famous cut of beef, recognized worldwide,” Emilio said.

“Of course, we also eat the “tira de asado” meat, which is a beef rib with bones, cut in a different technique than in Australia, the US… In Argentina’s style, the beef rib is cut lengthwise. whole piece, including 8 ribs”.

The Argentine word “asado” means “roast beef” (barbecue). When the Argentinians make “asado”, in addition to the rib eye steak and the loin loin loin, can also add some other cuts of meat such as the loin, back but the entraña and ribs. Beef with bones (tira de asado) are two indispensable parts of meat.

Argentinians love to eat rare beef.

Argentinians love to eat rare beef.

Argentinian culture such as relationships, work, friends, family… all revolve around grilled beef. A beef roasting session begins with a fire. You need 40 minutes for the charcoal to burn evenly, then grill the meat. This is also a time for people to gather and talk. Roast beef is the center of gatherings, a reason for Argentines to meet, relax, enjoy their free time, watch the barbecue, sip wine and chat.

In Argentinian cuisine, beef is the main ingredient and Argentinians try to keep the original flavor of the meat as much as possible. Talking about the difference between Argentinian and Vietnamese beef, Emilio commented: “For various reasons, beef in Vietnam is not the main ingredient, usually processed by marinating, combined with other ingredients. With other ingredients, not processed as a single main dish, Vietnamese beef dishes are marinated with a variety of sauces and spices, while Argentinian beef is grilled directly on charcoal fire, without marinating sauces or spices. In particular, just adding a little salt, pepper and olive oil is enough. And Argentinians love to eat beef, especially like to roast it with red blood.”

Argentinian beef pieces do not need to be marinated, just add a little salt, pepper and olive oil.

Argentinian beef pieces do not need to be marinated, just add a little salt, pepper and olive oil.

To enjoy Argentinian beef in Hanoi, you can go to the Argentinian Food Festival and Tango dance taking place on May 28 from 6pm to 11pm at the octagonal house area of ​​Ly Thai To flower garden, Hoan Kiem district. Outdoor festival with Tango performance mixed with basic Tango dance lessons. The area will have booths introducing traditional products and Argentinian cuisine. Here, in addition to grilled beef, you can enjoy the national dish “yerba maté” of Argentina, as well as “churros with dulce de leche” donuts.

Image: Argentine Embassy

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