Maika – The girl from another planet

“Maika – A girl from another planet” (director Ham Tran) recalls childhood with beautiful images, a touching plot about friendship and family.

* The article reveals a part of the movie’s content

Released on the occasion of International Children’s Day June 1, the work was inspired by Maika, the girl who fell from the sky – Czechoslovakia TV series aired in Vietnam in the 1980s. The film revolves around Hung (Truong Phu) – a boy suffering from the death of his mother due to a serious illness. Hung lives with his father in an old apartment building. Loneliness made Hung always stay alone until he met Maika (Chu Diep Anh) – an alien girl. Maika’s spacecraft loses power, crashes to Earth, she must find teammates and repair the vehicle.

Trailer "Maika - a girl from another planet"

Trailer “Maika – a girl from another planet”. Video: BHD

Maika’s appearance shocked a group of people. They decide to kidnap Maika, using her powers to complete a mysterious science mission. With Cu Fat (Tin Tin) – a rich boy, Hung and Maika embark on an adventure to escape the bad guys, find a way to return to the mother planet.

The film conveys a simple but emotional storyc. The child’s world in the work is close, creating empathy with authentic installations. At the beginning, the film evokes childhood memories of a time through the music of a children’s television program in the 1990s. Hung and the children in the neighborhood used every place as a “battle” area in games, sometimes it’s a scrap yard, a skateboard yard… The way Hung and Maika get acquainted creates laughter thanks to the director’s ability to understand children’s psychology.

Characters Maika (right) and Hung in the movie.  Photo: Tuan Nguyen

Characters Maika (right) and Hung in the movie. Image: Bucking nguyễn

Scientific principles are explained in an easy to understand, logical manner. Hung’s late mother once learned about the mysterious healing power of meteorites. Coincidentally, this is also the source of energy for Maika to recharge, transmitting a signal to find teammates. Thanks to that, the little friends have the opportunity to side by side on the adventure.

Without a box office star, the film is still attractive thanks to the cast of child-friendly faces. Chu Diep Anh has a beautiful appearance, big eyes before new things on Earth. Unlike the original, Maika by director Ham Tran has the look of a child superhero with a more flexible expression. She has the ability to move objects, create energy shields, control tentacles to attack bad guys…

Hung plays the role of a boy who loves to learn science, soon suffers loss, so he is mature and agile for his age. Cu Beo is the original character opposite Hung. Similar in chivalry, magnanimity, the pair of companions rescue Maika from the bad guys. Throughout the film, the comedy pieces are juggled quite rhythmically by the cast. The lines of Hung and Cu Beo are simple but still funny thanks to choosing the right falling point.

Hung's father and son have problems

Father and son Hung have difficult problems to solve after the death of Hung’s mother. Image: Bucking nguyễn

The film is also thought-provoking thanks to quiet moments, in which Hung’s story is the highlight. The boy experiences loss at the beginning of the film, when his mother does not survive after a series of cancer treatment. The film has many touching scenes and lines, like the last words of Hung’s mother when stroking his hair: “Why is your hair always so fragrant?” His relationship with his father (Ngoc Tuong) became increasingly distant when Hung thought that his father had a girlfriend, so he was no longer the same as before. It was not until he met Maika that Hung opened his heart to accept the pain, heal the inner hurt, and heal the conflict with his father. Director Ham Tran said that when he was invited to film, he immediately accepted because he had just experienced the pain of losing his mother and sympathized with the main character.

Similarly, the story of Fat Boy reflects the reality of many urban children. Rich, living in the “mountain” of toys, Fat and his brother just want to meet their father who often travels far away on business. Because of loneliness, Fat cherishes Hung, considering him as his best friend, even though he always tries to be aggressive on the surface.

Characters Hung and Cu Fat in the scene of saving Maika.

The characters Hung and Cu Fat in the scene set out to rescue Maika. Image: Bucking nguyễn

Visual effects contribute to creating more emotional effects for the work. The scene of the Maika spaceship landing on Earth is eye-catchingly staged with fanciful purple color. The segment Maika uses superpowers to fight bad guys in the warehouse, helping Hung recreate his memories… has a high degree of authenticity. Music by Christopher Wong – used to be in charge of the film Blue eyes – undertake. The lyrics without lyrics when vibrant, heroic, and nostalgic, are integrated quite smoothly. Musical compositions Old man incense (Doan Man), Love (Van Phung)… also sometimes resounds in the work with the old remix.

The film has a minus point mainly in the antagonistic route. The role of the owner of a technology corporation
Cyginus (Huyme) has not been exploited deep enough on the background, thereby confusing the viewers. The character has many philosophical lines, but the actor’s voice is not expressive enough, creating a feeling of cumbersome interpretation. The tycoon’s juniors have too much ridiculous shapes, mainly to make fun of them. Maika’s origin also leaves a big question mark, when the world of aliens is not mentioned much.

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