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Dao man enters university with… left hand

20/03/2022 15:28 GMT+7

Losing an arm due to an accident, the family is very poor, but the Dao man still dreams of going to university. He touched that dream.

On the day he went to the capital to attend school, Ly Dao Quyen brought a bag of rice with a pot, a pan … so frivolous, so absent-minded that he was “hacked and slashed” by a motorbike taxi driver.

In the New Year of the Ox in 2021, the group “Vietnamese Dao people – Connecting from identity” organized the program “Banana flowers on the street – Tet warms up the Dao village”. Among the young Dao people selling banana flowers for Tet, there was a guy with only one arm. That’s Ly Dao Quyen.

A Dao man enters university with his… left hand photo 1

Ly Dao Quyen and Dr. Ban Tuan Nang. (Photo: NVCC)

Quyen was born in Lung Luong hamlet, Vu Nong commune, Nguyen Binh district, Cao Bang province, in the Red Dao family. Quyen’s mother can only speak a few sentences in Kinh and can’t read. Father Quyen is literate and can communicate in Kinh, although he is not fluent. Ly Dao Quyen’s older sister had to drop out of school when she was in 5th grade to help her parents make a living. Quyen’s sister, who is in 9th grade this year, also dropped out of school because she couldn’t attend and could not keep up with her classwork. The family’s economy depends entirely on farming and farming.

In the years when Quyen was in elementary school, her family did not know the grain of rice, and the whole family only ate corn instead of rice. It wasn’t until Quyen went to high school that she ate corned rice, with nothing but green vegetables picked from the garden. When she was in 4th grade, on summer vacation, Quyen had a high-voltage electrical accident because she tried to poke a bird’s nest. Her parents ran away to borrow money to bring Quyen down to the capital for treatment. For 3 months in the hospital, Quyen’s life was preserved but her right arm could not be saved. Losing an arm, Quyen continued to go to school. The school is 7 km from home, from the time he went to school until the end of secondary school, the Dao boy still walked to school. Going to high school, Quyen was clearly aware of the family’s poverty when observing household items: “The whole family only has one car to move, but to buy a used car. After a while, the family was able to buy a TV, but the broken TV didn’t have money to repair, until now, we still can’t afford to buy a new one.”

The more aware of poverty, the more Ly Dao Quyen tries to study. Quyen’s parents also encouraged their son: “If you can’t do anything, go to school”. Quyen had to practice doing everything with her left hand, cooking, sweeping, washing… But the hardest part was practicing writing. Initially, Quyen could not take notes according to the teacher’s teaching, the first year after the accident, Quyen did not achieve academic results. But in the following years, Quyen was a good student, in high school, the boy who lost one arm was still able to enter the chosen class. Quyen went to town to finish high school, getting used to life away from home since then. After finishing high school, many people say, that’s a lot of words, no need to study anymore, go home to earn a living and get married. But Quyen still wants to go to university. The Dao man who wants to become a lawyer should apply to two schools: Hanoi Law University and Hanoi Open University. Finally, he entered the Hanoi Open University. Currently, Quyen is a second-year student at the Faculty of Law, Hanoi Open University.

Quyen said: Knowing that Quyen had just entered university, Quyen’s parents were both happy and worried. The whole family only had 1.5 million dong, the couple gave it all to their children. Ly Dao Quyen went to the capital to attend school with the “inheritance” of his parents, 1.5 million VND, with a bag of rice and pots and pans… In the midst of confusion and helplessness, Quyen was joined by the group “Vietnamese Dao People- Attached”. from identity” helps. Currently, Quyen is supported by Dr. Ban Tuan Nang, grandson of the late poet Ban Tai Doan. Quyen considers Dr. Ban Tuan Nang as a teacher and a spiritual father. It was Dr. Nang who connected and put Ly Dao Quyen on TV and in newspapers, from which the Dao man received support from the community. But not relying on support, Quyen still worked part-time under the guidance of Dr. Nang.

It’s been two Tet seasons, Quyen does not go home, but stays in the capital to earn extra income. Last year, the guy single-handedly participated in the program selling wild banana flowers. This year, Ly Dao Quyen went to sell groceries on Tet holiday and was paid 1 million VND/day. Quyen took care of her own meals and studies in the capital, no need to ask for “sponsorship” from her family anymore. About love, Duong Qua from Dao honestly “revealed”: He used to have a girlfriend in his hometown but broke up. According to Ly Dao Quyen, many girlfriends are very open-minded, friendly, and do not “see” the defects of the “opponent”, but some girlfriends have the opposite attitude. Quyen accepted all eyes, the boy no longer felt guilty because he lost an arm.

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