The trend of owning an apartment to “live” more

Trend of apartment search “modern in minimalism”

The epidemic factor, in some ways, has “moved” more attention to the health of the community. Young people tend to seek sustainable values ​​through choosing a place to settle down to help improve their quality of life from material to spiritual.

The trend of owning apartments to

Japanese-standard design apartments will be the preferred choice of most young families because of the airy living space that increases connection with nature.

Many young families have chosen apartments that meet the balance between life and work, seeking spiritual and health values.

Design style “Minimalism” is more and more popular and popular all over the world. The spirit of this style is also encapsulated in the famous saying “Less is more” (less is more) of the great German architect Ludwig Mies.

These same factors also explain why young people today are inclined to look for apartments, possessing “unlimited” space that will bring openness and flexibility, suitable for all activities of businesses. members in their own home.

From “Ikigai” philosophy to minimalist design at HT Pearl

Stemming from the traditional minimalist design mixed with the youthful breath of the times, HT Pearl opens up a sophisticated, Japanese-style living space, openly expressing the owner’s personality. “Minimalism” encourages residents to choose the items they really love and bring efficiency to the space but still ensure maximum use.

Resonating with the Ikigai philosophy that HT Pearl always pursues, the spirit of “Less is more” is the definition for class in housing design. Every detail is selected and intelligently “tailored” by architects Kume Design Asia, opening a space just enough for homeowners to freely decorate to meet their own living needs and preferences.

In particular, in minimalist design, light is considered as an important element to create visual effects and bring high aesthetics to the space. HT Pearl apartment is always focused on maximizing the amount of natural light and wind. This not only opens up a spacious living space, but also highlights the individual features of each object, ensuring the overall picture of the house reaches the maximum aesthetic effect.

The symphony “Minimalism” cannot lack sophistication in color selection and coordination. HT Pearl chooses neutral and close-to-nature colors such as gray, beige, white and blue stone, etc. to support effective interaction with light, arousing feelings of peace but full of luxury. The apartment space becomes more open and comfortable, but still has its own highlights with the owner’s personality.

On the other hand, the focus on connecting people with nature at HT Pearl is also shown from the selection to the arrangement of a series of internal facilities such as outdoor overflow swimming pool, meditation garden, aerial garden, etc. health as well as bring positive energy to the owner every day.

The trend of owning apartments to

Every space is arranged to ensure natural light. Wherever they are, every member always feels cool and comfortable…

In addition, when the “quality” factor is more important than quantity, HT Pearl selects famous furniture brands such as Toto, Panasonic, Malloca, Jotun, Ariston … contributing to the “modern” living experience. in minimalism” so that each day passes to the fullest.

Quote from “Minimalist Japanese Lifestyle” – Author Sasaki Fumio for the ending: “No matter how many things you have, if you don’t appreciate them, you will quickly get bored of them. On the contrary. Even if you have few things, if you appreciate all of them, you will find life very fulfilling.”

According to the latest information, HT Pearl has opened a model house on the 7th floor – Gigamall Shopping Center, Pham Van Dong, Thu Duc City. Customers will be able to visit and experience the real life style of a Japanese standard residence at the HT Pearl model house with many attractive gifts and promotions.

HT Pearl project – “Starting with Japanese quality, living in peace” is opening for sale with limited products:

Customers who pay from only 619 million VND can own a standard Japanese apartment.

Support 75% loan, 0% interest rate for 24 months from VPBank, Vietinbank and Check-in program at Sales Gallery and HT Pearl Model House to receive a discount voucher of VND 50 million/product.

Address: Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Tan Hoa Quarter, Dong Hoa Ward, City. Di An, Binh Duong.

For more information, please visit the website:


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