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Apple M2 Pro will use 3nm technology process

Not long after Apple introduced the Apple M2 chip present on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro New 13-inch, Haitong Intl Tech Research researcher Jeff Pu shared information about the higher-end M2 Pro chip.

Follow GizChinasaid Jeff Pu TSMC will begin mass production of the more powerful M2 Pro chip later this year. Although there is no specific information, it is likely that this chip will be manufactured based on the advanced 3nm process. A nanometer represents the distance between transistors, so logically the smaller the distance, the better the performance due to containing more transistors.

Apple M2 Pro will use 3nm technology process - photo 1

M2 still manufactures on 5nm process like M1 but M2 Pro will manufacture on much more powerful 3nm process


Present, Apple M2 uses the same 5nm manufacturing process as the M1, so there won’t be a huge improvement. However, the M2 chip was introduced for 18% faster CPU performance and 35% better graphics performance than its predecessor. With the M2 Pro being manufactured on the 3nm process, this promises much more powerful performance.

Earlier, Jeff Pu said that Apple is developing a new Mac mini, and it is likely that this product will use the unannounced M2 Pro chip. In addition to this, many reports say they have been developing even more powerful chips for the Mac Pro, most likely the Apple M3 chip – the chip will only appear in products as early as the quarter. March 2023.

Like the M2 Pro, Apple The M3 is said to use TSMC’s 3nm process. Follow MacWorld, the Apple M3 chip will integrate 40 CPU cores – an impressive improvement over previous chips, with the M1 having 8 CPU cores, the M1 Pro/Max having 10 CPU cores and the M2 having 8 CPU cores. Jeff Pu also suggested that Apple will launch a new iPad with a 3nm chip and turn the product into a “unmatched” tablet model.

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