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Blind jealousy and then receive a tragic ending

Up until now, stories about teachers and students’ feelings are still relatively sensitive topics. After all, when they are still students, they are still not perfect both physically and mentally, so it is easy to be seduced and have inappropriate behaviors.

Some time ago, there was a love triangle between a female teacher and a student that shocked Chinese social networks. Up to now, the tragic ending of the three characters in the story is still the topic of discussion among many netizens.

Ms. Wang Li is a female teacher at a key junior high school in Guiyang city (China). After graduating from university, she has more than 15 years of experience standing on the podium, regularly awarded certificates of merit by the school for her excellent teaching achievements. Many students commented that Ms. Ly is a humorous teacher who understands students’ psychology.

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Teacher Vuong Ly is loved by many students thanks to her humor and understanding of students’ psychology

Despite having a “smooth sailing” career, her marriage path was not very favorable. Ms. Ly got married at the age of 27, has a son with her ex-husband. However, the two soon divorced because her husband was a heartless person and did not want to spend much time with his family.

At the age of 42, she worked as a teacher in a class with male student Manh Trieu. At that time, Manh Trieu was a new transfer student, entering the “rebellious period” and often dropped out of school.

He was born in a single family, from a young age he was raised by a single father. Although the family is rich, the father is always busy with work and does not spend much time with his children.

After entering the school, he and Ms. Ly soon became close thanks to many things in common. Since childhood, she lacked the love of her mother, so when she was cared for by Ms. Ly, Manh Trieu developed a special affection for the teacher.

Handsome male student, rich man determined to fall in love with a female teacher U50: Blindly jealous and received a tragic ending - Photo 3.

Male student Manh Trieu has a special affection for his teacher because he lacks family love since childhood (illustration image)

During a school contest, when only the two were alone, the boy and the teacher confessed their feelings, from which the couple’s secret relationship began. Every day, after school, Manh Trieu always goes to Ms. Ly’s house and only returns home late at night. The male student even had his own key to the teacher’s house.

Although the student showed deep affection for the female teacher, Ms. Li set a confusing rule, which was that Manh Trieu could never see her in the morning. The reason she gave was that she did not want their feelings to be discovered by outsiders soon.

Of course, Manh Trieu did not completely believe in his lover’s words. Also at the time when the couple’s relationship showed signs of rift, rumors appeared in the school that Ms. Li and a person named He Xiaoli were dating. The two even often go to intimate lunches together.

Handsome male student, rich family determined to fall in love with a female teacher U50: Blindly jealous and received a tragic ending - Photo 4.

It is known that on China’s Teacher’s Day, Manh Trieu intends to give his lover a surprise. The guy who broke the rules went to Ms. Ly’s house early in the morning, opened the door with his own key. But what caught his eyes was the scene of Ms. Li and Mr. He Xiaoli wearing double pajamas. And suddenly, he understood every problem in their relationship.

Despite being a “cuckold”, Manh Trieu still finds all sorts of ways to hold on to the broken love story with Ms. Ly. Not only regularly texting the female teacher to talk bad about He Xiaoli, Trieu even threatened to take action if her lover did not return.

But in the end, Ms. Ly still decided to say goodbye to the student. According to Manh Trieu’s father, at that time, the male student often had unusual actions such as smashing tables and chairs, tearing paper, smoking cigarettes and constantly saying he would seek revenge. He simply thought that his son was under pressure to study, but never thought that he was plotting murder.

Handsome male student, rich man determined to fall in love with a female teacher U50: Blindly jealous and received a tragic ending - Photo 5.

Manh Trieu has many signs of psychological instability after breaking up with the teacher (illustration image)

From an attractive male student who loves life, Manh Trieu suddenly became taciturn, quiet and always in a state of anger. The more she saw Ms. Ly expressing her feelings to her new lover, the more mad the 18-year-old male student became. He put all the blame on He Xiaoli, thinking that he was the third person to interrupt his beautiful love story.

On September 27 of that year, Manh Trieu brought a knife, burst into He Xiaoli’s house and stabbed him to death. The death of He Xiaoli has shocked the whole world, the entire local police have been mobilized to clarify the incident.

At the time of the crime, Manh Trieu was only 18 years old. Therefore, according to the current law, he was sentenced to death for intentional murder. After the incident, Ms. Wang Li also left Guiyang City and no one could contact her later.

Handsome male student, rich man determined to fall in love with a female teacher U50: Blindly jealous and received a tragic ending - Photo 6.

The unfortunate incident of male student Manh Trieu is a warning lesson for families and schools to pay more attention to minors. When children are young, what children need the most to receive is not luxury toys or money, but the love of their parents.

And when entering puberty, parents should often talk and confide in their children to have the right method of educating their children. Importantly, sex education lessons should be integrated and shared by parents throughout their child’s adulthood.

When children understand what behaviors are right, what behaviors should or should not be done, they will gradually form a stable mentality and know how to deal with negative emotions.

Source: Sohu

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