Make friends through the Association of defaulters who like to take risks to invite each other to rob

Sharing the same debt situation, the group of 4 subjects made friends through the group “Association of defaulters like to take risks” on the social network Facebook and invited each other to commit crimes to earn money to repay the debt.

On March 28, the police of Phu Ly city (Ha Nam) said that they had just arrested the group of “property robbery” is an Iphon 13 Pro max phone worth about 37 million VND.

Around 9 pm on March 21, Phu Ly City Police received a report from an employee of FPT shop phone shop in Hong Phu group, Thanh Chau ward, Phu Ly city about a group of young men entering the store pretending to bought a phone, then robbed and ran to a car with the door open waiting, and escaped. Immediately after receiving the report, the Phu Ly City Police reported to the Director of the Provincial Public Security, and at the same time gathered forces to quickly organize an examination of the scene, synchronously applying professional measures to investigate the cases. crime object.

Make friends through the Association of Debtors who like to take risks” to rob each other-1
Colonel Nguyen Quoc Hung, Director of Ha Nam Provincial Police directly exploited “hot” arrested subjects.

By professional measures, after reviewing and zoning suspicious objects, on March 24, the Police Department of Phu Ly City Police identified 4 subjects responsible for the above violent robbery, including: Nguyen Dinh Hiep (born 1995), residing in Luong Khanh Thien ward, Phu Ly city; Do Minh Hung (born 1982), residing in Tuong Mai ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi; Nguyen Tu Anh (SN 1996), resides at O ​​Cho Dua, Dong Da district, Hanoi and Do Duc Cuong (SN 1991), resides in Phuong Vi commune, Cam Khe district, Phu Tho province. In which, Nguyen Dinh Hiep is identified as the leader.

At the police station, the subjects confessed that they were in a lot of debt, so they went to the social network Facebook to join the group “Society of debt defaulters who like to take risks” to make friends and discuss and invite each other. commit crimes to earn money to pay off debts. On the afternoon of March 21, the subjects invited each other to rent a car from Viet Tri to Phu Ly city, went to the phone shop FPT shop and pretended to buy a phone. They assigned each other, Hung and Cuong pretended to be customers inside the store to ask to buy a phone; Hiep and Tuan Anh sat in a car parked a short distance away to be on guard, ready to start the engine and escape.

Choosing a time when the store was empty, Hung and Cuong went inside the store, asked the staff to show the phone I Phon13 Pro max, the hottest phone on the market today, priced at 37 million dong. Taking advantage of the sales staff’s loophole, the two subjects quickly snatched the phone and ran to the car that Hiep and Tuan Anh were running outside to escape.

In the process of fighting to expand the case, Hiep, Hung and Cuong also confessed on the evening of March 20, also with this trick, the subjects successfully robbed an I Phon13 Pro phone. max at a phone shop in Duy Tien town. The case is currently being continued to be expanded.

According to the People’s Public Security

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