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The husband asked his wife and children for permission to divorce and marry a new wife

20 years marriage comes to an end

There are stories marriage love of the couple to the end of the break up without being able to point out whose fault it was. Recently, a daughter’s post about her parents’ marriage was shared on social networks and received much attention.

The article reads as follows: “Up to now, I still have not calmed down everything, the surroundings are still tangled like silk, each time I meet my father, I become awkward, both hating and loving that man.

My father is nearly 50 years old this year, he always leads an exemplary life and takes care of his family. Dad never raised his voice to his mother, never got drunk or spent the night, he is the image of a solid man that any child would be proud of.

That year when I went to university, my parents started going to their own room, when I asked, they said that when they get old, they often stay in a separate room to have space.

For many years, the family was still warm, so I didn’t question it anymore. But when I just graduated from school, my father held a family meeting and ‘ask for permission’ to divorce and get another wife.”

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The article is posted.

Perhaps, this story shocked anyone who fell into that situation. The son recounts the origin of his parents’ marriage story from the very beginning.

In fact, my parents got married because their family was sitting there, almost 30 years old, my parents just got married and had never met or known before.

I thought that after 20 years of living together, feelings would bloom, but my father once admitted that ‘he doesn’t know what love is’. The man who goes to work on time in the morning, comes home on time at night, has never had a bad hobby.

Dad worked hard to earn money to take care of his family, never saw him complain once, but now he’s almost 50 years old, he says: ‘It’s been almost 50 years since I knew how to love someone’.

Although the parent’s love is not as passionate as other couples, Dad has never adulteryhas never dated a girl simply because my father’s only happiness is our two children.

But now I have a new love, my father said: ‘For more than 20 years, I have never thought about finding happiness for myself, but now you are all grown up and have a job. I want to live the last years of my life for myself.”

Dad said he would visit us often, but who wants to share his father with a woman other than his mother, right?”the girl continued.

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Heartbreaking advice from a mother

A loveless marriage thought it would come to a beautiful ending, but in the end, all was not as planned. After knowing the story, the mother also had very special reactions.

She said: “My mother just kept silent, smiled lightly and replied: ‘Dad can do whatever he wants, I haven’t stopped him yet’. I asked her if she loved her father, she said she lived for her children but never loved.

But I saw in my mother’s eyes very sad, she still loves her father, it’s just that she never stopped, father and mother were quite cold to each other, but I never thought that one day my parents would leave each other.

Yesterday, my mother came into my room and confided: ‘Just let your father go, anyway, he’s been around for this family for almost half his life. Everyone wants to live a happy life for themselves.

So I asked: ‘So what if she herself wants to be happy?’. Mom was silent again, leaving my room…

Father has not been completely happy for more than 20 years, so how many years will my mother be?”.

After reading the story, many people feel sad. The two parents came together in a loveless marriage, only to fall apart in old age. That said, a nest built on an unstable foundation is difficult for it to last long.

In life, there are many things that we just need to work hard to achieve, only love is not. In a relationship between two people, it is not the heavy rain that can last long.

Netizens love both the father and mother in the story. They came together, tried to fulfill their responsibilities as husband and wife for 20 years and when they stopped, they respectfully asked.

This is also a life lesson for all. With marriage, never rush to make a decision to stick with someone. Stay single until you find the right one. Haste will only make us choose the wrong path, take the wrong step. ket-hon-do-sap-dat-vacai-ket-sau-20-nam-20220423114405175.chn

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