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Truong Triet Han’s first move after being sealed away

Truong Triet Han updated the first image on Instagram after 8 months of silence because of the shocking scandal.

April 2 evening, Truong Triet Han update his latest situation through personal Instagram. This is the actor’s first move after 8 months of silence because of a political scandal that ruined his career.

In the photo, the handsome man Son Ha Lenh showing off her youthful appearance with the status line: “Find your voice, find yourself. The power of eternal truth is greater than the power of perfection.”

The first move of pet chicken Trieu Vy after being sealed-1

It can be seen that Truong Triet Han uses the world’s social network Instagram, instead of using a social network in the country of billions of people. Many netizens believe that his old accounts are locked, unable to update information.

The actor’s sharing of new photos has received much support from fans. Many fans left comments under the post expressing their longing and concern for him during the past time.

Truong Triet Han was born in 1991, is star being carried by Trieu Vy. He has participated in many famous movies such as Selling Love Kinh Thanh 2, Van Tich Truyen, Nhu Y Phuong Phi…

Trieu Vy's first move after being sealed off-2

On August 13, 2021, Truong Triet Han was entangled in the biggest scandal of his career, when he was dug up by a series of past photos related to politics.

As soon as the scandal broke out, Truong Triet Han posted an apology post on his personal page. He acknowledged the lack of understanding in the past, at the same time apologized and promised to learn more, not to repeat the mistake in the future.

However, the apology of “pet chicken Trieu Vy” is not enough. Netizens expressed outrage, his Weibo was flooded with offensive comments, asking him to leave showbiz.

In less than 24 hours, 27 brands cooperating with Truong Triet Han announced unilaterally terminating the contract.

In many announcements from Chinese authorities, Zhang Zhe Han was listed as a bad artist, difficult to return to artistic activities.

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