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White or pink “little boy” is related to man’s bravery?

Until now, we still hear people talking about beautifying the “private area” in women. However, many gentlemen also have the desire to beautify the “private area” according to sharing online

The 27-year-old case (in Hanoi) after making her own private parts according to the instructions online, had to go to a gynecologist because her sex was painful, the foreskin was red.

When going to the doctor, the patient shared with the doctor that the penis was dark, so he was self-conscious when having sex with his girlfriend. To help the “little boy” have a beautiful pink color, the young man went online to learn how to use lemon juice and buy a solution advertised as rose water to wash the private area.

After a week of diligently soaking “the penis” in pure lemon juice 3 times a day, with about 5 drops of solution each time, the young man felt that there were changes. Accordingly, the black color is instead a whiter complexion.

Is the white or pink boy related to male bravery?  - Photo 1.

Young man using lemon juice to make his penis pink, illustration.

Although the “little boy” has cosmetic changes, when having sex with a young male girlfriend, he feels a lot more burning pain than before, then the foreskin is red. Through examination, the young man’s doctor did not have a sexually transmitted disease but an infection of the foreskin and was prescribed home treatment.

MSc Dinh Huu Viet, Head of the Department of Andrology (Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility) said that usually men will be more interested in the size and physiological function than the color of the penis. But there are also cases where gentlemen prefer a beautiful form to increase their desire and love more sublime, so there is a need to make a “little boy”.

In fact, the skin of the penis will be darker than other skin areas on the body, so the methods of making it pink by using a solution of pure lemon juice mixed with rose water, turmeric, rice flour, milk sour has almost no effect, takes a lot of effort, time and cost.

Doctor Viet warned that the application of this method of making the “little boy” pink, if not cleaned thoroughly, is very susceptible to infection and unnecessary diseases.

“Whether the boy is white or pink has nothing to do with sexual ability”Vietnamese doctor said.

For men, the desire to make a “little penis” to feel more confident is a very legitimate thing for men. However, men who want to redden the penis should seek medical advice from a doctor, weighing the benefits and possible risks.


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