Hanoi is about to install vending machines with fresh fruit to replace street vendors

Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Manh Quyen has just signed and promulgated a plan to install vending machines in public places in the city until 2025.

According to the plan, vending machines will be installed in public places such as parks, flower gardens, historical-cultural sites, scenic spots, schools, hospitals, cinemas, houses, etc. stations, urban railway stations, waiting houses, bus stations, bus stations, commercial centers, amusement parks, public entertainment… and other public places of similar and suitable nature.

Hanoi will publicize the list of suitable public places to install vending machines in the area after being approved by the competent authority.

The deployment and installation of vending machines in public places in order to gradually modernize the retail form; gradually replace the forms of street hawking, street hawking, urban summer. Contributing to diversifying buying and selling options to serve consumers conveniently in a civilized and modern direction.

In addition to being transparent about the origin, quality of products and goods supplied directly to consumers, the deployment and installation of a vending network in the city. Hanoi is also gradually changing consumer habits and behavior towards a civilized and modern direction, promoting non-cash payment in shopping activities.

The authorities will integrate the network of public places placing vending machines into the website system “Hanoi City Shopping Map” and other maps to serve the needs of people and shopping visitors. , tourism in the area; integrates a network of public places to place vending machines and smart software systems (App) for Hanoi tourist guide, “Digital tourist map of Hanoi city” and tourist maps Other services to serve the needs of tourists visiting and shopping in the capital.

It is expected that for the selected vending machine, Hanoi sets the criteria to be able to provide a variety of products, items, types of food and drinks, including fruit and vegetables. fresh plants; to encourage the installation of vending machines to supply handicrafts and souvenirs at tourist attractions and to serve tourists.

At the same time, products and goods displayed and traded through vending machines must meet the provisions of law on business conditions; do not trade in prohibited products and goods and tobacco and alcohol through vending machines. chn

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