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“My ex-wife and I get along very well, as close as two real friends.”

Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover is the movie that marks the return of the actor Vietnamese-English After 2 years of absence from the small screen. In the film, he plays Hong Viet – an open and polite man who has experienced a broken marriage.

He loves and wants to marry Cam Giang (La Thanh Huyen) to build a new family. At this moment, her daughter Mai Anh (Quynh Trang) appeared and wanted to stay with her father, leaving Viet Anh in a dilemma between his young wife, stepchild and mother-in-law.

Viet Anh:

I don’t have the influence to make my own movie

Learning about the film, the audience discovered that the character Hong Viet has many similarities with Viet Anh in real life. The actor has been divorced with 2 wives. In it, his first wife also gave birth to a daughter before marriage. After that, he went to his wife 2 and had a son, but in the end, the marriage was still broken.

Explaining this, the actor shared:“In the past, I always wanted a role with depth and psychological color. When I read the script, I was also startled, I wonder if people would tease me when naming the character Vietnamese.

But obviously, the Vietnamese character himself in “Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover” there are a lot of unexpected coincidences for me. I certainly don’t have enough influence for a director or screenwriter to write his own movie. It can only be explained that it was a coincidence.”

Viet Anh added that he and the director and screenwriter sat together to discuss and build more details depicting Hong Viet and his daughter. He wanted to bring a lot of real details in his life to convey through the character.

The actor confided:One of the scenes I want to add to the movie is the excerpt from Viet Dan singing and talking to my daughter like two friends, and telling her that the reason why I’ve treated you recently is not because I forced you, don’t trust me. I simply want to cover up my incompetence in manners, explain the problem.

I really like a sentence in that conversation: Do you know that when you give birth to a child, you will give birth to a father. No one is born to be a father right away and knows the divinity of a father. We all have to learn, even pay the price to be able to fulfill that mission. You too, you have to learn to be a father before you become a good father.”

Viet Anh:

I have too many shortcomings in being a father and husband

After the divorce of her first love, Strawberry’s daughter followed her mother to the US, did not have the opportunity to interact and talk a lot with her father. Having learned from that, he still maintains a close relationship with his second wife after the divorce, to take care of and raise Dau Dau’s son together.

Looking back at two of his own stories after participating in the film, Viet Anh drew lessons: “After accepting the role, the more I feel that I really have too many shortcomings in being a father and husband. And maybe that’s why there are stories in my life like that. .

I hope that my stories will help the audience when watching movies with experience. If those who have not experienced it will see that if we have such a family, such children that we do not cherish, love, nurture and build, it will be a pity when we lose it. “.

Viet Anh:

After two marriages, Viet Anh thinks that most people who maintain lasting happiness are lucky. He said: “I think 80% of lasting marriages are based on luck. For example, my second time, when I had already learned from experience, but only two hands could clap to speak. If I don’t find the right half of the other hand, the other half won’t be able to clap.”.

Therefore, he is not in a hurry to look for the third happiness, but wants to nurture his children and do well in the present role. Compared to Dau Dau, Viet Anh’s daughter Strawberry suffers many disadvantages when she is not loved and cared for by her father.

Viet Anh confided:“The last time I saw my daughter was before she went abroad with her mother, when she was about 6 or 7 years old. After that, we didn’t have regular contact with each other. That’s why, every time the acting was good. Reading the script about the father and son both made me feel haunted and confused. I have never been under such pressure when acting.”

Viet Anh:

Baby Strawberry is currently staying with her mother.

He considers this an opportunity so that if he can see the film, his daughter will understand her feelings and thoughts. Because to him, two children are the most valuable asset.

The actor also frankly admitted his shortcomings and mistakes in the past: “If I go back, I will definitely do a lot differently. I still remember when Viet confided in his daughter that: Dad admitted that when he sent his son to his grandparents, he still did not understand the responsibility of a father, because he was too young at that time. I’m the same in real life.

When I had my first daughter, I still did not fully understand the responsibilities of a father and husband, so maybe at that time I underestimated the role of a father in the family, that’s why the unexpected happened. want. So if I could do it again, I certainly wouldn’t, but that’s not real.

Therefore, I want this film to be like a lesson for the audience, especially young families who are facing turning points, challenges and storms in life. If they are not sober and experienced enough, they will follow the same path as themselves in the past. Hopefully the film will be a wake-up call so that when watching, everyone will learn from experience so that if in that situation, I will have the opportunity to change, and if not, it is also something for me to learn.”.

Viet Anh:

Viet Anh shared that it was the loss of Strawberries, so at the moment, he can confidently say that Dau Dau is fully and completely compensated by his father.

I find parental conflict brings too great a disadvantage to children, especially children affected by marital breakdowns. Therefore, from the beginning, I tried to keep the marriage after it broke down, but still have a certain integrity so that the children do not suffer too much from the adults.

Therefore, people can see that now, me and my ex-wife (Dau Dau’s mother) are very harmonious and close like two real friends. That also makes Dau Dau feel that parents are always there, even though they are not in the same house, but they are always there when they need them. That’s what I learned from my first incomplete marriage.” – Viet Anh said.

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