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The Prime Minister asked the tax industry to take the lead in digital transformation

On the morning of April 21, in Hanoi, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended the ceremony to announce and activate the nationwide electronic invoice system organized by the Ministry of Finance (General Department of Taxation). The announcement ceremony was held online at over 1,500 bridge points (at the General Department of Taxation, 63 provinces and cities, tax branches…).

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The use of e-invoices is an important event in the digital transformation of the tax industry

Speaking at the ceremony, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized: The ceremony to announce the national activation of the e-invoice system is an important milestone in promoting the digital transformation process not only for the tax industry, but also for the tax system. state administrative agencies, businesses and people.

This is an important event, affirming the great efforts, high determination and drastic actions of the Government, the Ministry of Finance and the tax sector in the process of accelerating the national digital transformation under the direction of the Government. Government, Prime Minister, towards digital government, digital economy and digital society.

According to the Prime Minister, tax is an important area of ​​national finance, directly related to people and businesses. The application of information technology and digital transformation in this field brings a lot of benefits to management as well as to people and businesses, not only ensuring correct and sufficient collection, but also reducing social costs. society, but also enhance publicity, transparency, prevention of corruption, negativity… in the tax collection process.

The Prime Minister reiterated that President Ho Chi Minh had instructed tax officials and civil servants: “Tax collection must win the hearts of the people”, this warning is still valid and the tax industry has inherited and developed it. developed into the action motto “Transparency – Professionalism – Integrity – Innovation”.

The Prime Minister especially appreciated the financial sector’s efforts to deploy e-invoices with a methodical and scientific plan in two phases. This is a new job with a large volume, implemented in a short time, and encountered many difficulties and obstacles, especially in changing thinking, management and implementation methods. But the financial industry has adhered to reality, learned while doing, gradually expanded, not perfectionist, not hasty and achieved very important initial results. In particular, the use of electronic invoice codes to organize drawing and awarding prizes is a very creative way.

The Prime Minister emphasized: Initial results show that the application of e-invoices is an “arrow hitting many targets”, contributing to changing the methods of administration, management and working processes of the tax authorities as well as the tax authorities. like people and businesses in a positive and modern way, increasing publicity and transparency, preventing fraud and negatives, developing e-commerce, reducing compliance costs, creating a favorable business environment , in line with international trends.

Minister Ho Duc Phuc stated that, in recent years, the Prime Minister has paid great attention to and directed fiercely with digital transformation activities of the financial industry, including the implementation of e-invoices. With the goal of “serving taxpayers as the center of service”, the tax sector is determined to contribute to the successful implementation of the National Digital Transformation Strategy in accordance with the Party’s guidelines and the Government’s orientation with the Ministry of Finance.

According to the Minister, the success in implementing phase 1 e-invoices is an important foundation and premise for the implementation of phase 2 nationwide, ensuring synchronicity, consistency and coverage. comprehensive of electronic invoices.

Minister Phuc said that in March, with the announcement and put into operation of 2 applications, including the Portal for foreign suppliers earning income from Vietnam and put into operation the application. Using EtaxMobile, the tax industry has provided an additional optimal choice for taxpayers and improved the efficiency of tax management for e-commerce activities, declaring and paying taxes electronically via phone smart or tablet.

Ha Duy

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Simultaneously using electronic invoices, counting the revenue of each restaurant

From July 1, 2022, all businesses, economic organizations, business households and individuals will make electronic invoices (e-invoices).

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