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Should I refrain from ejaculating?

As we all know, sexual activity is a human instinct, belonging to normal physiological requirements. Sexual activity not only brings happiness to both husband and wife, but also benefits both physical and mental health. But, the point is, sexual activity must be very harmonious and moderate. Harmony means that both husband and wife maintain agreement on sexual desires, inspirations and climax.

Moderation means not being excessive or inadequate in terms of frequency, time, intensity… of activities. The important thing is that after each “room trip”, both people feel satisfied both mentally and physically, sleep more deeply, wake up in the morning feeling relaxed, no headache and dizziness. , no back pain, knee fatigue…

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However, in real life, there are quite a few people who fail to do this for various, even extreme, reasons. There are people who indulge in sex excessively, freely, without restrictions. Eastern sexual nourishment practices call it “liberal lust” and say that: “Having intercourse a lot will damage the tendons and muscles; a lot of semen will damage the energy, leading to premature aging and premature aging. short life”. Modern research shows that insatiable sex life and repeated ejaculation, on the one hand, make the body lose a lot of energy and substances that play an important role in regulating physiological activities of women. important organs and metabolic processes in cells such as prostaglandins, zinc…; On the other hand, it also increases the burden of the testes, stimulates the secretion of too much androgen, creating a negative reaction (feedback), adversely affecting the activity of the pituitary gland, thereby adversely affecting the thyroid glands. sex, especially the testicles.

Some people, as mentioned above, because of misinterpretation of the concept of “abstinence from sex and treasure” of Eastern sexual nourishment, advocate forbidding sex, restricting male and female activities and recommending that if there is “preventive activity”, Actively should not ejaculate to preserve vitality. In fact, when having sex, if the husband has not reached the ejaculation stage and has stopped having intercourse, it is called incomplete intercourse. This way of intercourse does not make both parties achieve full mental and physical satisfaction, so it is very harmful.

From the perspective of modern medicine, stopping intercourse before ejaculation causes the congestion in the whole body and in the pelvic cavity to not be released quickly; The central nervous system, especially the cerebral cortex, remains in a state of tension for a long time, and the sex organs such as the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland do not secrete fluid, so they also enter a state of inhibition.

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Thus, for the husband, a state of excitement that is too long and is not released will give rise to a feeling of fatigue, even for a long time, which can cause diseases such as prostatitis, chronic pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease. vas deferens, orchitis, impotence…

For the wife, this way of sexual activity does not bring satisfaction, which easily gives rise to a frigid state, it is difficult to reach the true orgasmic climax, even because the pelvis is chronically congested, which can easily cause pain. back pain, abdominal pain, headache and unstable nervous state…

Since ancient times, ancient medical scientists have also shown that: sexual activity must reach absolute harmony of yin and yang to be good for health. Sun Simao, a famous physician of the Tang Dynasty (China) said: “Those who are physically fit and have strong energy should not be held back, if they do not secrete semen for a long time, it will cause toxic ulcers.”

Therefore, taking the initiative not to ejaculate on a regular basis is completely unhealthy, “abstinence from sex treasures” does not mean forbidding sex, eliminating sex. It is within the normal physiological range, limiting sexual desire and excessive ejaculation so as not to make the yin in general and the semen in particular suffer too much loss.

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