The mysterious “village of a hundred wells” in the middle of the capital, each well is set up a shrine

The ancient well is attached to the villageyear

For each resident of Yen So village (Yen So commune, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi), the well is not only a place to provide a source of life, it is also a sacred and mysterious place with many oral anecdotes from life. from one life to another.

In Yen So village, the village of Ngo well alone has kept 73 ancient wells, so the nickname “village of hundred wells” also comes from here.

However, at present, according to statistics, there are about 30 wells still in regular use in Ngo well village. The people living around the area are determined to preserve the remaining 30 wells as a way to save the culture of the nation.

Nguyen Cong Nhuan (81 years old) told the reporter of Traffic newspaper: “In the past, the old name of the village was Co So. By the time of Hong Duc, it was divided into two villages, Dac So and Yen So. According to legend, 73 ancient wells were built from the time when the Northern invaders came to occupy, so at least the wells here are 1,000 years old.

According to observations, the ancient well in Yen So village exudes a mossy appearance because the well surface is arranged with large, solid stones, and strangely, there is no adhesive in the middle. The wells are all the same, 4 – 5m deep, about 1.6m in diameter.

In the sweltering heat of early summer, just putting your face up to the well’s mouth saw a cool breeze covering it. The cliffs on the well surface make it easy for villagers to get up and down the well to clean the bottom of the well.

Tran Huu Lieu (89 years old) proudly told the above newspaper about the wells in his village: “The well water here is clear and cool, never drying up, not only for bathing, we still use it for food.”

In response to Mrs. Lieu, Mrs. Le Thi Hoa, from the village of Ngo Gieng, added: “The elderly also ask to make tea and boil water with well water, because they say they are used to the taste, making tea also gives green tea and water. sweeter. Well, the village is available”.

Although now families prefer to use tap water for convenience, the ancient well is still an inseparable part of Yen So village life. The government and villagers list each well, its location, size, and current state, then embellish and clean it periodically. Around the well, build a clean campus, make steel barriers to protect the well and protect children when sitting and having fun.

Mysterious things about the “hundred-well village”

According to the words of the people living in the village of Ngo Well, no one knows when 73 ancient wells appeared. It is only known that when people moved here to live, the wells were available despite the fluctuations of life.

An elderly person who has experienced many ups and downs with the history of Ngo well village, Nguyen Ba Ty (80 years old) told Dai Doan Ket newspaper: “It is hard to believe this, but in Yen village, there are households who want to build Houses, roads entangled in ancient wells have to be covered. They all have to worship very carefully, but they still have bad luck. Some households have filled in the wells and have to dig it up.

Until now, the elders of the “village of a hundred wells” still tell each other about the mysterious story as Old Man Ty told it or like another story: It was not in the past, when the villagers were about to widen the road, entangled in an ancient well. should agree to fill in. However, after filling the well, many families in the village had conflicts, illness, and business was not favorable.

Mr. Tran Huu Lieu was also present to talk to PV Dai Doan Ket and affirmed: “Only houses that are absolutely necessary must be filled in. For the rest, the wells are still attached to the people here”.

Because of the mysterious anecdotes from the past, now, at each ancient well, the villagers have built a small shrine to worship the gods. They believe that every well has a spirit and land, so on the full moon day, the first day of the village villagers bring the ceremony to the well to pray and pray for good fortune. The shrines right next to the ancient well were also repaired and embellished over time…

Mysterious village of hundred wells

The ancient wells in Yen So village have a sacred meaning. Photo: Traffic Newspaper

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Khoa, Chairman of Yen So Commune People’s Committee told Traffic Newspaper: “There are a number of stories about the sacred and thrilling related to ancient wells, but perhaps it is just a coincidence. The commune authorities have always encouraged people to preserve and preserve the ancient well as a cultural feature, not to believe too much in the spiritual element.

Up to now, no one has been able to explain the mysterious happenings at these 73 wells, but over time, the well has become an indispensable part of the people’s lifestyle here.


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