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Complimenting the bracelet of the beautiful bridegroom, I never expected it to be given immediately

My sister gave birth to a baby more than a month ago, but because I am too busy with work, it was not until last week that my mother and I were able to go to the street to visit her.

Know husband’s family My sister’s family is rich, but my mother still brings a lot of delicious food from the countryside. Mom brought a few pounds of frozen shrimp, fish and 2 chickens. I prevented my mother from bringing anything, lest the family members not like it, they would lose face. But my mother is always worried, always thinks that her sister at her husband’s house can’t eat well.

Fortunately, at her sister’s husband’s house, granny did not criticize the gift of the homeland, but very enthusiastically received it. Every time we cook our country food, she always compliments me on how delicious it is to make my mother and I feel cool.

We rarely go out, so the in-laws took us to visit many beautiful sights of the city. To eat expensive food, some dishes equal to my monthly salary. Not only that, she also led to the supermarket to buy a lot of things to bring back to her hometown.

Bringing a reputation to take care of my sister and niece, but my mother and I always ate and played, which did not help.

My sister said that her mother-in-law is very progressive, she makes money and spends generously. She told me that when I was born, my grandmother gave me a book saving 2 billion. When my sister’s friends came to visit, my grandmother enthusiastically invited to stay and cook for guests.

The day my sister got married, my mother cried a lot, worried that her marriage to a rich family would not be respected, she would be considered as a person. No wonder how much fun it is to see and hear the deeds of your sister-in-law’s mother-in-law now.

When I was about to leave, my mother saw bracelet The bride’s house is so beautiful, her mother praised her words non-stop. Suddenly she took off the bracelet, put it on my mother’s hand and said it was a souvenir.

I knew she was generous, but my mother and I didn’t dare accept that precious thing. When my mother asked to return it, she was so sad that my mother had to put it on. On the way back, her sister called to say that the bracelet worn by the family-in-law was worth more than 500 million. She advised her mother to keep it carefully so as not to lose it.

Seeing that the bracelet was worth a fortune, my mother quickly put it away and didn’t dare to wear it anymore, but thought of a way to return it to the mother-in-law. But the older sister said it was not necessary because what her mother-in-law gave to anyone, she could never get it back.

My mother-in-law’s generosity made my mother feel uneasy. I don’t even know how to handle it guys!

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