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Sony introduces the new generation of BRAVIA XR 2022 TVs

Sony has just officially announced the new generation of BRAVIA XR 2022 TVs, including the X95K 4K Mini LED series, A90K (Master Series), A80K 4K OLED and X90K 4K (Full Array LED) series.

The new generation of BRAVIA XR TVs uses the Cognitive Processor XR Cognitive Processor, technology The unique XR Backlight Master Drive precisely controls the latest generation Mini LED backlight in the X95K TV series to produce high brightness.

Sony introduces the new generation of BRAVIA XR 2022 TVs - photo 1

Sony’s new 2022 BRAVIA XR TV series


When watching movies, users can experience Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology for OLED TVs and Acoustic Multi-Audio for LED TVs, precisely matching the position of sound with the image on the screen to bring good picture and sound experience.

The product range is also integrated with New feature to personalize and improve home entertainment. Along with Netflix, Sony launched Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, which automatically adjusts the image processing algorithm based on the ambient light. This helps your audience’s favorite TV shows and movies perform the way creators expect, in any environment.

All BRAVIA XR 2022 TVs meet the ‘Perfect for PlayStation5’ standard, including 2 PS5-exclusive features, Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

In addition, Sony also introduced a brand new camera device, BRAVIA CAM, with the ability to recognize the user’s location to optimize picture and sound. This device also supports gesture control, video chat and lots of exciting new experiences waiting for users to discover.

With the increasing demand for large screen TVs, the risk of resource and power consumption also increases. Understanding this, Sony is committed to sustainable development factors right from the development stage to enjoying the experience.

Sony’s “Road to Zero” global environmental plan targets a sustainable society by reducing environmental impact to zero, throughout the product and operating lifecycle business by 2050. The 2022 TVs use SORPLAS recycled plastic, developed by Sony itself.

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