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Two works on Vietnamese legend and history

The two books “Truyen Ky Man Luc” and “Nam Hai Mutant Man Luc Tale” include historical and literary works combined with illustrations.

Two publications are printed in color, large format, hardcover, released on April 22 nationwide in response to Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day.

Legend of Man Luc (ie Scattered notes of strange stories) was dubbed “the ancient period pen”, is the only work of the famous artist Nguyen Du. The book consists of 20 stories written in the genre of prose, mixed prose (literary with opposites) and poetry. The author mainly took the stories handed down in folklore, then modified them in his own style. Through the characters, the work depicts a historical period when the political situation, social turmoil, and constant epidemics made people fall into misery. At the end of each story, there is a comment by Nguyen Du or someone with the same author’s point of view.

Nam Hai is a crippled human being by Phan Ke Binh, is a collection of stories about famous legends and legends in Vietnamese folklore. The work consists of 55 stories, corresponding to 55 historical figures, divided into eight groups: great hero, famous god, famous sage, literary genius, mighty general, god of inspiration, fairy, and famous people. Some typical characters such as Phung Hung, Tran Quoc Tuan, Nguyen Trai, Le Quy Don… The author mixes historical and historical details to bring authenticity, thrill and attraction.

The book Truyen Ky man Luc (left) by author Nguyen Du and Nam Hai is the story of Phan Ke Binh.  Photo: Kim Dong Publishing House

The book “The Legend of Man Luc” (left) by Nguyen Du and “Nam Hai Mutant Man Luc” by Phan Ke Binh. Image: Kim Dong Publishing House

400 illustrations of two publications by artists Nguyen Cong Hoan and Ta Huy Long done. In book Legend of Man Luc, Nguyen Cong Hoan brings magical shapes and colors. And Ta Huy Long put Vietnamese ancient art in each of his paintings Nam Hai mutants list stories.

Painter Nguyen Cong Hoan said that in the process of drawing, he hesitated many times, raised the pen and lowered it because he could not find a unique and different expression. In many paintings, the artist has to paint up to five times to be satisfied. He said: “When drawing ghosts, I think I have to show them cute and harmless. I especially like to draw characters who are so lonely and low in society.”

Among the works done, Nguyen Cong Hoan likes the story illustration the most Encounters at West Camp because it depicts the image of spring, flowers bloom full of freshness and lightness.

In charge of the book Nam Hai is a crippled human beingPainter Ta Huy Long said that he still pursues the trend of ancient art, but the way of drawing is liberal, the colors are brighter to be close to young children. “I like the illustration of a mother by Luong The Vinh the most. Based on the saying ‘mother is the shape of the country, mountains and rivers’, I chose to create a mother image with lines that flow out and undulate like the earth, like rivers, like mountains,” said the artist.

Illustrating the story of Chaos 12 warlords about Dinh Bo Linh by artist Ta Huy Long in the book Nam Hai Mutant Tales.  Photo: Kim Dong Publishing House

Illustrating the story “The 12 warlords” about Dinh Bo Linh by artist Ta Huy Long in the book “Nam Hai Mutant List Story”. Image: Kim Dong Publishing House

At the book launch event on April 23, researcher Tran Thi Bang Thanh said that books with beautiful illustrations are like a dual work of art, helping readers to easily access history. “The combination of illustrations and words, poems… creates a new breath for ancient works. That makes history no longer dry, ‘difficult to swallow’ that young people can easily read, fully feel the artistic and ideological value of the book,” she said.

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