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Hyun Bin was suddenly “digging the grave” of old photos

Recently, May 5 is Children’s Day in Korea, not only ordinary people but also many artists also post old photos to congratulate.

In it, it must be mentioned the old image created by musician Yoon Jong Shin – a former member of a popular TV show for a while Family Outing Share on your personal page.

Specifically, the famous male musician shared a series of moments with his former colleagues who participated in a series of films from 2003 to 2004. The series of photos has just been posted, the public has paid special attention to the rare moment. the “milky face” era of Hyun Bin when taking a photo with Yoon Jong Shin.

Just got married, Hyun Bin was suddenly

Fans couldn’t help but be delighted when looking at these photos of Hyun Bin. Everyone has to admit that Hyun Bin’s appearance when he was in his twenties did not look much different from the present time. Everyone gave winged compliments to their husband’s “milky” face Son Ye Jin. All were jealous and admired when Son Ye Jin got a handsome husband like Hyun Bin.

Just got married, Hyun Bin was suddenly
Just got married, Hyun Bin was suddenly

On the occasion of Korean Children’s Day, netizens also shared a picture of the couple Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin in childhood and acknowledged that the two had a husband and wife since childhood.

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