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U.23 Vietnam crushes U.23 Indonesia: Victory of bravery

The experience of the match and the bravery of the over-aged players helped U.23 Vietnam have a perfect start in the opening match. SEA Games 31.

U.23 Vietnam there was no opening match SEA Games 31 easy first U.23 Indonesia as the final score.

During the first half, the coach’s team Park Hang-seo having difficulty in deploying the attack in front of the close-range play, not afraid of the collision of U.23 Indonesia. The opponent wants to create a chaotic situation, constantly shredding the match to lose the attack rhythm of U.23 Vietnam. Fail 0-4 in 2022 World Cup qualifiers helping coach Shin Tae-yong to understand that if Vietnam were to find a rhythm, it would be difficult for Indonesia to avoid defeat.

U.23 Vietnam entered the ball fiercely


U.23 Indonesia half succeeded in staying through the first half. However, the defensive wall of the Van Dao team collapsed in the second half, when U.23 Vietnam showed a superior level thanks to the shine of the bridges. guard SEA Games 31 in terms of reinforcement.

The scoreboard of Nguyen Tien Linh at 54 minutes is an example. Instead of playing fixedly in the center position like the first half, Tien Linh dropped deep to join the attack and opened the ball to the left. When Le Van Do poked a slot for Nham Manh Dung, Tien Linh ran to cut his face very quickly, occupy the space and then touch the ball delicately to score.

Tien Linh’s situation of picking up position and finishing quickly shows the value of experience that strikers have U.23 Vietnam are lacking. Coach Park Hang-seo owns many technical and fast players such as Manh Dung, Nguyen Van Tung, and Ho Thanh Minh, but in a tense and calculated match, the battle experience still helps Tien Linh become a player. into the selected player to open the score.

Tien Linh proves his class with a standard one-touch finish


If 3 years ago, Coach Park Hang-seo With “double-barrel guns” Tien Linh and Ha Duc Chinh, experienced in playing from U.19, U.23 to the national team, the current offensive line of U.23 Vietnam is lacking a pure striker. , can become the destination of every pass like Tien Linh.

The 25-year-old striker has shown that Mr. Park’s choice is reasonable, but the road ahead is still long. 3 points ago U.23 Indonesia merely a spiritual push, as affirmed by Tien Linh.

On the day Tien Linh shined, Hung Dung also contributed to his shoes with a beautiful moment in the situation of shaking his cheeks to score a goal to increase the score to 2-0.

Hung Dung’s joy


The player born in 1993 has shown the role of captain in this match. When U.23 Indonesia want to roll U.23 Vietnam into the fast pace of playing with rough fighting style, heroic held the beat well. He moved around the field, assisting young teammates to coordinate the deployment of the ball. Thanks to Hung Dung playing stably, beside Hoang Duc with his sober moves that made the opponent lose his temper, U.23 Vietnam has kept a stable rhythm of play.

Coach’s young players Park Hang-seo Played really hard in this game. Van Do had 1 goal and an important pass for Manh Dung to create an assist for Tien Linh to score. Hoang Anh also created a good mutation with his dribbling phase, next to Phan Tuan Tai, Nguyen Thanh Binh, and mature Le Van Xuan in defence.

However, the warm blood of U.23 Vietnam should be reconciled and moderated in important matches. For example, in the first half, the red shirt team showed signs of falling into a dispute and clashing with U.23 Indonesialeading to some unnecessary penalty cards.

U.23 Vietnam needs to avoid falling into the physical races that the opponent actively spreads


At that time, Mr. Park’s students needed experienced seniors to balance them out. That is the value of the bravery that Coach Park has woven into his team.

U.23 Vietnam There are still many things to improve towards the upcoming match against Philippines U.23. Many pitfalls are waiting for Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students, requiring an experienced team of players U.23 Vietnam must continue to maintain stability. In the long-distance fight, the joy of winning in the final match is the most important.

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