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Resolutely not giving way to the ambulance, the Vios driver caused outrage

07/05/2022 18:09 GMT+7

Despite the ambulance’s priority signal and the loudspeaker to give way, the black Vios still resolutely stopped in front of the car and waited for the red light to end. The patient’s family was helpless to cry, and passersby couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

Recently, on social networks, a clip recorded an image at the intersection of Nguyen Huu Tho – Linh Dam (Hanoi City) on April 22, 2022, despite the ambulance’s priority siren, the people in the car The emergency service called the loudspeaker to give way, but the driver of the Vios car with control plate 18A – 111.68 still did not move.

Now that my father is dead, after taking care of his work, he uploaded this video to warn everyone. If you see a priority vehicle, you should try to give way immediately, because one minute of your time can save that person’s life.

Indeed that day, fighting for his life every second, the way home was too far, the ventilator was erratic, always had to prepare to squeeze the ball to maintain breathing, but it also took time because he couldn’t give way. helplessly want to cry” – Khanh Chi, a daughter whose father was lying in the car fighting for life on the way back home at that time shared.

Talk to reporters InfonetKhanh Chi says: “My father is seriously ill, he had to be intubated to put on a ventilator and was on an ambulance from the A9 department of Bach Mai Hospital back home. However, that car definitely wouldn’t give way. This clip is the clip. later, but before that, there was a horn and a loudspeaker, but the car refused to give way. I was so upset that I took out my phone and turned around.”

That day, a pickup truck driver, too disgruntled, stopped the car, knocked on the door of this truck to ask to give way to my house, but they still refused to give way. I don’t know who you are, but we thank you very much!” – Khanh Chi added.

This is a sad story, I don’t want to start a war either. The purpose of posting on social networks is to warn everyone. Then everyone will have a family member to experience life and death like this, be a civilized driver!”.

The reporter contacted the driver in the clip, Mr. Pham N. T said: “I was stopping at a red light that day. In front, there are many cars going straight from Linh Dam street to the other side. And at that time, in the left turn lane, many cars could turn to give way, but no car would give way. Why condemn me alone? I am also a law student, knowledgeable.

If the vehicle is on the road, I am ready to give way to the priority vehicle immediately. But here the car is stopping at the red light intersection, the other afternoon the cars are crowded, I can’t pass ahead. Everyone knows how crowded Linh Dam Street is. Vehicles turning left to the direction of Giap Bat bus station are convenient to yield but no one is willing to yield. While I was going straight, and was standing in the middle lane. If I go forward and unfortunately collide with another vehicle moving in the direction of the green light, who will be responsible?”.

Mr. NT also added: “That day, I also took the patient to be examined from Bach Mai hospital to Nam Dinh, if there was a collision, I would not be able to take responsibility. I was also very confused when the ambulance siren howled behind me. , trying to get in the car to make way for the ambulance can’t work. If there is an accident, will the ambulance stop and testify for me because I had an accident because of giving way? Thank you for our driver”.

I’ve been a driver for many years and know well the law that says which vehicles have priority, but there is no law that requires cars to run red lights to give way to priority vehicles. That’s the law, but that day, if it was convenient to give way, I would still pass right away, but the road was too crowded so I couldn’t do anything else. At that time, vehicles turning left can turn left and go down the road to give way to an ambulance without giving way. I just wondered if I wouldn’t give way, if I did, or I would be punished for running a red light or having an accident, I couldn’t do it.”

The clip quickly went viral on social media, garnering the attention of netizens. Tens of thousands of people have expressed their feelings, commented and shared the clip, partly frustrated because the car driver refused to give way to the ambulance and thought he was ready to accept the penalty for human life. The most important thing, but there are people who share it with the driver because the law does not allow cars to run red lights to give way in such a situation.

Lam Giang

Clip: NVCC

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