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Celebrating the romantic 10th wedding anniversary, the husband whispered a sentence “I have a boyfriend” that shocked his wife-Young

Sunday, May 8, 2022 16:05 PM (GMT+7)

The night of my wedding anniversary, was also the time when I learned the truth about my husband.

Celebrating 10 years of romantic wedding, husband whispered a sentence "I have a boyfriend"  make his wife very shocked - 1

My husband was honest about his mistake. (Illustration)

I am 36 years old, married for 10 years. My married life is almost perfect, now I have 2 children, sticky – boring enough. Having their own house, car… both husband and wife have a place in the company, our monthly income is nearly 50 million VND.

My husband is a quiet person, quiet but very emotional. He is calm, so compared to my somewhat lively personality, sometimes I think that it is this difference of each other that is a compensating point, each person giving in to the other. During the 10 years we lived together, we hardly had any big quarrels, only a few small quarrels but then it stopped.

Marrying a mature man who loves his wife and children like my husband, I never had to hesitate, think or doubt about him. My husband always behaves properly, everything is clear and shared with his wife. Everyone who looks at my small family compliments the peaceful and loving life. Although my husband is quiet, he is also very romantic with his wife.

3 days ago, I was very surprised by my husband’s 10th wedding anniversary for me. After work, I found my husband waiting at the company gate, he took me home and picked up the children from school. Then took the whole family to a luxury restaurant in the city, my husband had booked to organize a program to celebrate the happy day.

That night I was very happy, my husband invited my relatives, friends and him to attend. The party was luxurious, cozy, as if we were both getting married again. The guests were also very happy to give flowers and gifts to my husband and I, along with wishes for our long-lasting happiness and praise for my small family.

Perhaps, because of drinking a lot, my husband became excited. He is normally quiet, less enthusiastic, but he constantly sang me a few songs, along with saying words of love and pride when he lived with me. Of course, I was very touched, I had to try really hard to keep my emotions from crying.

However, when everyone left, my husband remembered that there were no family photos, so he asked the restaurant staff to take them. When the photo was finished, my husband asked the children to get out of the car and wait, suddenly he hugged me tightly and said: “Today I am very happy and happy. I want to tell you one thing. Recently, I I have a boyfriend, but broke up. I am very sorry to betray you. Please forgive me.”

I thought my husband was drunk, so I said: “Don’t joke around. Now you’ve had a lot to drink, now go home and rest”. I asked to go home, but my husband tried to hold it back and continued: “It’s true, although he broke up with that person, he still regrets betraying his wife and children. For the past few months, he has been very sad. stop for doing the wrong thing.”

Only then did I believe my husband was telling the truth. I felt very shocked, could not believe what my husband just said. All that night, I could only lie down and cry, not wanting to say anything to my husband. I know, my husband has broken with the other, wants his wife to forgive and will try to love the family. He also said that if his wife and children do not forgive him, he will leave the house and leave all his assets to his wife and children. But thinking about the scene of my husband having an affair, tears welled up in my eyes, pain in my heart.

My husband was honest about his mistake. Should I give him a chance to correct his mistake, or end the divorce because he can’t stand the shock?


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