Just get angry, you’ve already lost! People who can’t control their emotions also can’t control their lives

If we want to achieve greatness, we should first learn to control our emotions, sadly that is not easy.

Many people, even though they look very “foggy” on the outside, but when they encounter something that makes them uncomfortable, they will also lose control of their emotions, from cursing, arguing with others, to moving hands and feet. , banging the head bleeding, very dangerous.

When we are angry, there will always be “ignorance fire” burning in our hearts. When people have a “hate and delusion” mind that means they have already lost, the type of person who can’t control their emotions will forever be unable to control their life, leading to losing their reason and becoming more and more depressed.

Here are the consequences of being angry and how to keep yourself from getting angry. Hope you will get some useful knowledge for yourself!

1. When angry, many problems arise

People with severe anger and delusion may have life problems.

For example, Truong Phi during the Three Kingdoms period, when he heard that his good brother Guan Yu had been harmed, he could not control his grief and anger, so he borrowed alcohol, got drunk and disordered, beat the soldier to death, and ended up killing the soldier. and his subordinates Pham Cuong and Truong Dat couldn’t stand it anymore, while Truong Phi was sleeping, they killed him right in bed.

As a general, Truong Phi is very capable but ultimately does not have an ideal ending, it can be seen that those who cannot control their temper are useless no matter how talented they are.

In life, there are many grumpy people like Truong Phi, they are always full of negative energy in relationships and work, often thinking around, complaining about heaven and earth, even talking bad about others.

“The Godfather” has a very famous line: “Never let anyone outside your family know what you think.” People who are easily fluctuating, prone to emotional outbursts, and too frank are those who lack wisdom, are easily seen by others, and are prone to accidents in life.

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At the same time, regularly venting your negative emotions on others will cause people to gradually avoid and avoid contact with you, over time, your relationships will also decrease, leading to When it’s difficult, no one is by your side.

If you meet a number of people with the same temperament, there may even arise conflicts and conflicts, leading to a lot of discord in the lives of both parties.

In addition, anger is very bad for your own health. In ancient medical books, it is also recorded that, “all diseases are born from qi”, anger not only damages the liver and lungs but also endangers the health of the heart and blood vessels of the brain.

Therefore, once a person starts to get angry, it has actually created a lot of bad effects on his life, it can be said that anger is the worst emotion in the world.

2. How to neutralize anger

Believe that many people know that anger is not good before being angry, but once provoked or encountered some trouble, most of us find it very difficult to control our own emotions, lose our reason. mind.

So specifically, how should we do it? Here are a few ways that you can refer to:

Don’t be alone

When a person has an unhappy thing in their heart, don’t be alone, it will only make you stuck in your negative thoughts deeper.

Psychologists have discovered: “When the human psyche is under pressure, troubled or unhappy, talking to others is the best way to get rid of anger.”

Just get angry, you've already lost!  People who can't control their emotions also can't control their lives - Photo 2.

I believe everyone has experienced this kind of feeling before, right? When you have any trouble, talking to your friends will make you feel so much better. So when we are angry, don’t stay moody alone.

Talk about unhappy things, when someone helps you to share, you not only ease the pain, but also get psychological support, helping your mood to be much less stressed.

Release your afflictions slowly

There is a saying that: “If people keep their anger, they will deviate from the right path.”

Everyone has feelings of anger, it’s impossible to completely avoid or guard against it. But don’t keep it because of that, or stick with it.

When things don’t go our way, we can be a little emotional, but don’t get too angry. And because of this repression, then you need to immediately find ways to vent the emotions that are being suppressed when they arise, this is also a way to maintain our mental health.

In Japan, many companies even set up a boss portrait model to help employees vent their feelings, so that the emotions of many employees are also clearly relieved.

We don’t have to learn exactly this from Japan, what we need is to find some way to relieve ourselves, such as listening to music, climbing or jogging for exercise, navigation. pay attention and focus our mind on work, study or things that interest us.

You must know how to evaluate yourself

Psychological surveys show that people who often lose their temper or have a bad temper, in life, they are often conceited, difficult to listen and often show no respect for the opinions and views of others.

So, when we are angry, we must also assess ourselves first, what is the cause of this incident? Is it my problem or the other party’s problem? What’s the point of winning at this? What if the opponent wins? After a while of self-assessment, you will often find that anger and quarrels are meaningless, tit-for-tat only leads to a situation of “dead fish and torn nets”.

In life, we often have to learn to “suffer patiently”, learn to give in, this is not cowardice, for some trivial matters the fool will be stubborn and competitive, though What’s the point of arguing after winning, other than wasting your own time?

A person with wisdom will always be calm, take time to realize his great ideals and ambitions, after success, then look back, then victory or defeat is clear. concurrently -20220428211250078.chn

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