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People rushed to buy cars to ‘run’ the registration fee, many cars ‘sold out’ goods, increasing prices

Closing to buy a Honda City RS version in Hanoi this month to enjoy the policy of 50% reduction in registration fees for assembled cars, Mr. Trinh Duy (Hoai Duc, Hanoi) was forced to change his mind because of the market. The school is too “disordered”.

“Just the other day, the sale also reported that the car was discounted by 10 million in cash, giving 25 million in accessories. Now when I call back, the accessories have ‘flyed away’, only getting a discount of 10 million. Sale also ‘threatened’ me. should close quickly, otherwise, there may be no more discounts, even no more cars for sale in May. Because I’m not too hasty to receive the car, I decided to stop buying this time,” Mr. Duy shared.

Talking to reporters, the sale of a Honda dealer in Hanoi admitted that the number of people asking to buy two main Honda assembled models, City and CR-V, has increased dramatically from the end of April until now. Meanwhile, the supply is not too abundant.

People rushed to buy cars to 'run' the registration fee, many cars 'burned out', increasing prices - Photo 1.

Honda City has cut incentive programs compared to before.

The rush of customers to buy cars “running” registration tax is considered the main reason why some assembled car models are showing signs of increasing prices. At the time of February-March, customers who buy Honda City receive a discount of 20-40 million VND, with accessories worth about 30 million VND. Currently, car buyers are only given accessories worth 25-30 million VND, or minus 5-10 million VND in cash.

Honda CR-V in March was discounted 80-120 million VND, with an accessory package worth 65-80 million VND, but currently, buyers only get about 30-40 million VND discount (without accessories).

Some other brands such as Toyota have also increased the price of a series of assembled cars, such as Vios, Innova increased by 5 million VND, Fortuner increased by 20-50 million VND.

The luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz is not outside the “game” of increasing car prices when increasing the price of assembled GLC models at VND 30-70 million.

That is the group of car buyers who suffer from price increases. There is still another group in the market – those who cannot buy a car in time to “run” the registration fee incentive. According to the sales, customers who order Hyundai Santa Fe or Tucson, even if they have to pay a difference of up to 60-100 million at the moment, will have to wait at least another month to receive the car. Even if you register to buy some Kia urban SUVs like Seltos or Sonet, customers still don’t know when they can receive the car. Currently, there are many customers who have paid a deposit to buy a car for 1-2 months but still have not been able to receive the car.

People rushed to buy cars to 'run' the registration fee, many cars 'burned out', increasing prices - Photo 2.

If ordering Santa Fe, customers are likely not to receive the car before May 31.

Meanwhile, the period for domestically assembled cars to receive a 50% discount on the registration fee (5-6% of the vehicle value, depending on the locality) will end on May 31.

Many people are choosing the option of “turning the car” as in the case of Mr. Trinh Duy. “In fact, buyers may not have benefited much when buying a car during this period. They get a 50% reduction in registration fees, but their incentives are cut, and the price of products increases. That’s not to mention the lack of goods. abundant, leading to not being able to choose the right color or version, or even choosing the right car model,” said Mr. Ngoc Tuan – an expert in the automotive field.

According to Mr. Tuan, it is likely that the market will continue to have adjustments after this period. “When the registration tax fever is over, the market may enter a period of low demand for cars. Meanwhile, supply problems will be better solved. At that time, it is likely that the company will When it comes to cars, dealers have launched great incentive programs to ‘stimulate’ buyers. Thus, later buyers may not be at a disadvantage compared to car buyers during the current registration fee reduction period.” .

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