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The last tests of student life: After reading the topic, everyone is extremely emotional!

In May, just hearing the cicadas chirping everywhere, seeing the red phoenix clusters blooming in the school yard… are the final students knowing that the farewell season has come. Students will have to say goodbye to their beloved school, friends and teachers to enter a new stage of life with many challenges ahead.

Recently, the social network appeared a picture taken of a final math test of the student’s time, causing many netizens to feel emotional. Usually Math is known with numbers, calculations, graphs, geometry, or trigonometric functions… but in this topic students never come across a single number. No longer have to calculate, no longer have to draw pictures or infer, all that remains is the restlessness and anxiety because they are about to say goodbye to the roof of high school.

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The last Math test of a student’s life made many netizens emotional. (Photo: Quynh Giang)

Specifically, the test consists of 2 questions. The first sentence asks students to predict their second semester math exam, allowing deviations, but 0.5 points will be deducted for every 0.2 point deviation. This question has a score of 4 points. If it’s just a prediction, the students will definitely like it because there’s no need to think about it anymore.

The second question with a score of 6 points with the content: “What subject do you feel to be an adult, and why?”. Notably, the teacher also allows students to Google to find the answer. However, with this question, even if you are allowed to Google it, you can’t find it. It all depends on how you view the problem. This is probably the first easy Math test as well as the last of the student life. That’s why it makes a lot of people feel emotional.Posts amp;#34;testamp;#34;  The end of a student's life: After reading the topic, everyone was extremely moved!  - 2

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Before that, some teachers also made similar topics to attract the attention of netizens.

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For teachers, as long as their students are happy, that’s enough.

After being posted, this quiz has attracted great attention from netizens. Many students left comments to answer the second question. Many of you also tagged your high school classmates to review old memories.

– If I do this test, I will definitely get 9 points.

– I miss my school days, when I was carefree and thoughtless, without as much pressure and burden as now.

– With this exercise, the teacher is “exploring” students’ thinking about how to choose a career, choose a school here.

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