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The person who learns these 2 words is the winner

The person who learns these 2 words is the winner - 1

Hemingway once said, “It takes two years to learn to speak, but a lifetime to learn silence!” In this life, there are many people who know how to speak, but very few people who know how to be silent. Speaking is a kind of power, silence is a kind of wisdom and you will gradually absorb this through each step towards maturity.

“Good intentions are warm three winters, cold poison words six months”. Kind words that encourage others will bring good, while bad words that hurt can have unforeseen consequences. Talking too much, saying it at the wrong time in the right situation… all of them are easy to hurt others, even turning people from friends to enemies.

After the ups and downs of life, you will come to understand more and more that knowing how to live in peace is a kind of pleasure. The wiser the person, the simpler and calmer his life will be. Learn to be quiet and you will be the winner.

The person who learns these 2 words is the winner - 2

1. Silence is not complaining, stay positive

In human life, having nine out of ten is unsatisfactory. Whenever there is something we don’t like, we tend to want to share it with other people. However, these complaints not only make the listener feel bored and tired, but if they are too frequent, your problem is not solved but also causes more problems for yourself.

Instead of complaining, find ways to change.

Silence in this regard also has the ability to maintain a positive attitude. Instead of letting go of mistakes, complaining, overcoming difficulties with a positive attitude will motivate you to improve more and more, inspire everyone to promote better traditions. With a positive attitude, you will be optimistic in whatever you do, have the ability to control everything, and have the courage to face it.

When you learn to be quiet, you will stop complaining, and instead spread positive attitude and energy to everyone. Let yourself be bright, cheerful and give people hope, your life will gradually improve and become better.

The person who learns these 2 words is the winner - 3

2. Silence, no objection, open and tolerant life

The most valuable quality of a person is to have a tolerant and generous heart with everyone, right or wrong sometimes is not the most important thing. Silence also means no longer wanting to calculate the truth, don’t let the story go far and see life with simple eyes.

Learn to be quiet and not be distracted by small short-term gains. Do what needs to be done, be open-minded and ambitious. Life will always give you the feedback you deserve.

Learn to be silent instead of always blaming this and that. Appreciate everything you have now, forget about problems, the future will always give you the answer you want.

Learn to be silent instead of contradicting what other people say. Work hard to develop your life, talk less and do more, life will be richer and more colorful.

Life is a journey full of adventure. Don’t worry too much about profit and loss. Every place you go, there will definitely be interesting things waiting for you. With an open and pure heart, it will be easier for you to feel happiness, prosperity will be built up.

The person who learns these 2 words is the winner - 4

3. Shut up, live as yourself

In this life, there will be things you didn’t ask for, there will be people who make it more difficult for you. There’s no need to explain too much, and there’s no need to always try to please someone. People who truly deserve your sincere feelings will understand you instead of forcing you to change into someone else.

Learn to relax, know how to let go of things, people that don’t belong to you, you will find life easier.

Learning to be silent, you will know how to manage your world with a strong heart, no longer trapped by small things, not looking for someone to judge, not crying and complaining about a little loss.

What happens cannot be undone and whatever the outcome, you must have the courage to face it and accept it. Instead of living in the past, a wiser way to live is to embrace the present and look to the future. Work hard to be the best version of yourself. Step by step trying, experiencing difficulties, overcoming challenges, you will grow on your own, become more stable, realistic and diligent.

One’s growth always has to go through certain ups and downs. Everyone has times when things go wrong. Instead of suffering, obsessing over failure, bad luck, it’s better to learn to let go and go with the flow of others.

A quiet person will live with gratitude, understanding, and respect. They will not try to live to please others, reluctantly accepting but living with who they really are.

The person who learns these 2 words is the winner - 5

Life is like a game of chess, every move has no regrets. Listen more and talk less, learn to be silent and meditate. Appreciate every passing moment, listen, understand and be yourself. Doing so, the path of the future will be more open, the immediate view will be more beautiful.

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