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Tran Hao’s wife is rumored to be pregnant for the 4th time

Miss Tran Nhan My, the wife of actress Tran Hao, is rumored to be pregnant with a second child due to her large second round.

In the photo shared on social networks in early May, Tran Nhan My and friends celebrate a late birthday party. The actor holds a bouquet of flowers, his face is round and radiant.

Many people realize that Tran Nhan My is fatter than before, her belly is prominently protruding. Soon, some viewers surmised that she had “good news”.

Before the noise, Tran Nhan My denied. Wife Tran Hao In an interview with the Hong Kong press on May 16: “It is true that I look a bit fatter, but it must be because of the angle of the photo. In fact, I am still losing weight and have no intention of having a 4th child. Thank you for your concern.”

Tran Hao's wife was rumored to be pregnant for the first time 4-1
Tran Nhan My, wife of Tran Hao. Photo: Sinchew

Before that, Tran Nhan My once said that children let fate decide. She also said that both husband and wife are young lovers. The actress likes to have a daughter, so if she has another child, she hopes it’s a girl.

Tran Nhan My has rarely participated in recent years showbizshe mainly spends her time taking care of the children, while her husband is busy filming.

Tran Hao is currently the most expensive male artist of TVB. At the same time, his coffee shop business thrived despite the epidemic situation. Recently, he opened a new store.

Tran Hao's wife is rumored to be pregnant for the 4th-2nd time
Tran Nhan My and her husband – actor Tran Hao. Photo: Sinchew

Tran Nhan My was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2006, used to close Pioneering Dharma Testimony 3, Hero in the Sea of ​​Fire 3, 72 Guest…

She and Tran Hao got married in 2013, now have 3 children at the age of kindergarten and primary school. Their “chicken eggs and duck eggs” cast includes Aiden (born in 2013), Nathan (born in 2015) and Camilla (born in 2016).

Tran Hao is a veteran actor of TVB, he is loved and respected by the audience. He has been acting since 2000, appearing in popular TVB series such as Deep Palace Civil War, Cung Tam Ke, Chu Quang Bao Bao, Apostle Pilgrim 2…

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