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Korea re-issues C-3 tourist visa for Vietnamese tourists

According to information from the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Vietnam, in order to open the door to international tourists returning to Korea, on May 19, 2022 the Korean Ministry of Justice officially announced the issuance of visas for Korean tourists. national and Vietnamese tourists.

Korea re-issues C-3 tourist visa for Vietnamese tourists - Photo 1.

The delegation of Vietnamese tourists to Korea was organized by Vietravel Hanoi. Photo: Vietravel Hanoi

Specifically, from June 1, 2022, the Korean short-term tourist visa (visa C-3) will be re-issued for foreign tourists coming here after being suspended from March 14 / 2020. 2020.

C-3 visa is granted to subjects such as market investigation, consulting for commercial activities, tourism, medical treatment, visiting relatives, attending meetings…

Depending on the level of emergency of epidemic prevention in each country, the regulation is divided into two levels: Attention country (Level 2-Level2) and General country (Level 1-Level1).

Re-issuance of C-3 visas for tourists from common countries (Level1). Recently, the C-3 visa was only granted to special subjects, including: Diplomatic service, residence agreement, commercial investment when coming to this region, but has now been extended to all subjects such as: Group tourists, self-sufficient tourists, visiting relatives, trade…

In addition, multiple travel visas issued before April 5, 2020 will continue to be used for the duration. For those who come from the countries that need attention (level 2 – Level2), continue to apply for a special purpose visa. Depending on the epidemic situation in each country, visa registration regulations may change.

According to the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Vietnam currently, there is no country in the category 2.

With the re-issuance of tourist visas for Vietnamese tourists, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Vietnam simultaneously launched the campaign “TRAVEL TO KOREA BEGINS AGAIN” with many diverse activities for Vietnamese tourists. South as well as special support for travel agencies to promote the recovery of the cruise market in Vietnam.”

Previously, the Korean Government tightened restrictions on entry from Vietnam. Accordingly, from April 1, all visitors from Vietnam entering South Korea will have to self-isolate for 7 days regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or not.

According to the new regulations, from April 1, people entering Korea from Vietnam will not be entitled to an exemption from quarantine upon entry for those who have completed vaccination against COVID-19, according to which they must comply with the regulations. Currently self-isolating for 7 days whether vaccinated or not.

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