The story of the “gatekeepers” for the 31st SEA Games

  The story of the

Silent victories

Since the end of April, the entire installation team of VNPT has started the work of preparing telecommunications – IT infrastructure with the spirit of day and night. “As soon as we received the instructions from the Group, we had to plan the survey, consider the needs, plan the line connection, etc., there are many items to be built and demanded. The question must be accurate and on schedule,” said Nguyen Huy Anh, technician at Telecommunications Center 9, VNPT Hanoi, recalling the first days of preparing for the SEA Games.

  The story of the

Mr. Nguyen Huy Anh (on the right) and his colleagues connect to the Internet to go internationally at the National Center of Education

It is estimated that in the National Center alone, the number of cables to be connected has reached thousands of meters, not to mention subscriber wires, white optical transmission lines, direct transmission lines to VTV’s video cars, etc., most of them have to hand pull, directly spread according to the technical axis.

  The story of the

Mr. Khuong Ngoc Binh – Technical specialist supporting satellite broadcasting at the National Convention Center

Officials and staff at VNPT’s information desk at the National Convention Center are always in a state of having to work at full capacity. This is the place to receive information, support services from mobile, 5G, internet, international broadcasting services… for not only domestic and foreign reporters but also support departments and parties involved. mandarin.

“The information desk answers questions related to VNPT’s services, but when your unit needs any support, we also step in to help, from giving directions, finding locations, introducing places to visit. , even delicious dishes, culinary culture of Hanoi, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, etc. Many questions are not professional but within their ability, we all try to support because we know we are contributing to the world. Introducing Vietnam to international friends. Enthusiasm, hospitality and responsibility, that is the spirit of VNPT people”, said Mr. Khuong Ngoc Binh – Satellite broadcasting support technician at the Convention Center. Shared country.

  The story of the

Mr. Nguyen Huy Anh (on the right) and his colleagues connect to the Internet to go internationally at the National Center of Education

At SEA Games 31, VNPT specially invested and brought to the Congress a series of advanced equipment, machines and technologies including satellite TV cars, 5G network for the National Convention Center and the National Convention Center. competition points. With more than 200 transmission lines including Internet and leased lines, this provider ensures to meet the needs of television stations and media companies of not only Vietnam but also 11 countries in the ASEAN region. “VNPT understands its responsibility for the success of each event, so we are always ready to invest and deploy the items in the most optimal way”, said Mr. Pham Minh Thang, Technical Specialist, TCT Network infrastructure VNPT NET said.

Sacrificing personal joy for common goals

“The job is attached to the broadcasting and broadcasting vehicles, so whenever there is an order to dispatch, you will go there. There are big events, you have to go to the car service for a week. The task is to always monitor. satellite parameters and adjust when necessary, so errors are not allowed, always have to be focused, alert, most accurate. that I love, but when I got to my shift, I had to endure it, I couldn’t watch it directly like everyone else, but could only watch the replay,” shared Phan Hong Thuan, VNPT’s technical department.

  The story of the

Mr. Phan Hong Thuan – VNPT mobile broadcasting and broadcasting technician serving the 31st SEA Games

Thuan’s story is also the common story of hundreds of VNPT employees during this 31st SEA Games. Even though I have to temporarily put aside my simple personal joys, I voluntarily accept and put all my heart into the task that I undertake. All for a common goal, to make the SEA Games a great success, to contribute to glorifying the image of the country with friends in the region and internationally. Above all, it is the joy of serving the greater joys of audiences at home and abroad.

Accompanying throughout before, during and after the Congress

As a diamond sponsor of the 31st Southeast Asian Games, VNPT is committed to providing free telecommunications – IT services including: Live Internet channel and monitoring operation at 6 locations. press, television, operation center, 37 competition points in Hanoi and 11 provinces/cities and competition points, IT center, card center; Wifi network system at Press Center and TV Center (located at the National Convention Center).

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