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The final reunion of a couple of very predestined best friends

IndonesiaBorn together in the rich scene, studying abroad at the same school and being close since childhood, Mirna and Jessica’s life split in two when they met opposite men.

After graduating from high school, Mirna went to Australia to study fashion design, following the family tradition. Because she didn’t want to be away from her best friend, Jessica also attended the same school.

The feelings of the two grew closer, until Mirna had a lover. The appearance of her boyfriend Arif made her not have much time to spend with close friends. After graduating from university, Mirna returned to Indonesia to work at a family company, Arif also returned to Indonesia. Jessica stayed in Australia to work as a designer with a high income, Australian citizenship.

In 2014, Mirna went to Sydney to visit her friends, announcing the good news that she was about to marry Arif, but Jessica was sad. Jessica at this time was having an affair with her Australian boyfriend, Patrick, but was not happy. Patrick is addicted to drugs, difficult economic conditions, unstable mood.

Jessica (left) and Mirna in close photos together.  Photo: ABC

Jessica (left) and Mirna in close photos together. Image: ABC

Mirna advised Jessica to break up with her boyfriend, but Jessica changed her face and got up to leave. The two’s friendship began to fall apart.

In the end, Jessica still broke up with Patrick. Over the next few months, Jessica tried to commit suicide four times, unsuccessfully, and broke a rib during a drunken driving accident. As for Mirna, when she returned to Indonesia, she married Arif and did not invite Jessica.

At the end of 2015, Jessica resigned, returned to Jakarta, met Mirna and her new husband, who were now extremely happy. Jessica is heartbroken, feeling jealous, jealous, even resentful. The two girls know full well that their friendship will never be the same.

On that fateful day, January 6, 2016, Jessica invited Mirna and another friend, Hanni, to a coffee shop in central Jakarta to review old stories. 2:15 p.m. Jessica arrived first, carrying three gift bags and placing them on the table, casually obscuring the view of the surveillance camera in the shop.

Jessica sent a text asking the two friends what to drink and order. Nine minutes later, the waiter brought the drinks. From the surveillance video, Jessica can be seen moving the gift bag on the table and her bag, but it is not possible to see if Jessica touched the coffee cup and called Mirna.

After 5pm, Mirna entered the shop. After taking a sip of iced coffee, Mirna felt a strange taste and put down the cup, raising her hand to wave in front of her nose. Mirna pushed the coffee cup towards Jessica, but Jessica didn’t drink it, only Hanni sitting across from Jessica took a sip.

A minute later, Mirna suddenly fell backwards, vomiting, convulsing, foaming at the mouth. People took Mirna to the central hospital, but she died on the way. Three days later, the police announced Mirna died of coffee poisoning, starting an investigation into Jessica.

On January 30, 2016, Jessica was arrested on charges of planned murder and prosecuted on May 26 of the same year.

The case shocked both Indonesia and Australia, the cause of which was a fierce argument in court, which began on June 15 of the same year.

Prosecutors charged Jessica with being the culprit, because in Mirna’s stomach fluid a small amount of cyanide was found. The stomach wall shows signs of bleeding and erosion. The cyanide in Mirna’s gastric juice is exactly the same as the toxin in the coffee cup.

Jessica is the only person with a motive to commit the crime and is present at the scene. Accordingly, deer have the same starting point, but their lives are completely different. Mirna has a favorable career, a happy family, and Jessica has just quit her job, and her relationship is not favorable, so jealousy is born. Moreover, Jessica thinks that Mirna advised her to break up with her boyfriend, so she is as unhappy as she is now, so she intends to kill Mirna.

Jessica and her attorney.  Photo: Liputan6

Jessica and her attorney. Image: Liputan6

Besides, Jessica’s movements at the cafe were very unusual. She arrived two hours early, looked around as if to find the camera location, then placed three gift bags to block the camera’s view.

The prosecutor’s office found a witness who said seeing Jessica twice moving the position of the coffee cup. Jessica’s former colleague revealed, Jessica once said: “If I want to kill a person, I know the exact dosage”.

Jessica’s ex-boyfriend Patrick also said that after the breakup, he asked the court to restrain Jessica because he was very afraid of Jessica doing something to him. The prosecution said that in Jessica’s heart there was a huge “darkness”.

When going to court, Jessica still smiled, even greeted in front of the media camera, showing no sadness or regret.

Jessica’s legal team, consisting of celebrities from Australia, denied the prosecution’s entire contention with the law that cyanide only appeared in the stomach but in very small concentrations, not found. found in any of the victim’s organs. The detection of cyanide in gastric juice may have been caused by anti-decay treatment.

Theoretically, it is entirely possible that Mirna had just finished drinking coffee when a sudden heart attack resulted in death. Otherwise, why didn’t Hanni get poisoned by taking a sip of coffee?

The fact that Jessica placed the gift bag on the table was purely coincidental, and Jessica’s cold attitude during the trial was because she was innocent but was criticized by the public. There are no witnesses or evidence to prove that Jessica poisoned the coffee cup. According to the lawyer, accusing Jessica is not enough evidence, not in accordance with the law and Jessica is innocent.

Sentencing session with Jessica, October 27, 2016.  Photo: Toutiao

Sentencing session with Jessica, October 27, 2016. Image: Toutiao

After more than three months of trial, on October 27, the court handed down the sentence. Before dawn, hundreds of people lined up outside the courthouse, prompting riot police to control the crowd to avoid chaos.

Hundreds of people could not enter to watch the sentencing, had to watch through the large screen installed outside. The final trial was also broadcast live on major television stations.

Jessica was convicted Killing20 years in prison. Mirna’s family still hopes the court can impose the death penalty, but because Jessica is an Australian citizen, and Australia does not have a death sentence, 20 years in prison is a very heavy penalty.

After the first-instance trial, Jessica appealed many times but failed.

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