Cong Phuong: “I will give my all…”

Cong Phuong:

On the afternoon of May 29, Vietnam Tel had a training session at Thong Nhat Stadium to prepare for a friendly match with Afghanistan at 19:00, on June 1. The training atmosphere of Vietnam is very serious, but there is no shortage of laughter on the field. Coach Park Hang Seo asked the students to concentrate as much as possible in each warm-up as well as the touch and pass phases. Even the Korean military leader reminded a few individuals when they did not perform well the requirements set forth.

Cong Phuong:

Before the training session, striker Nguyen Cong Phuong had a short interview with the media. The player who is wearing HAGL said: “At the moment, I am in good physical condition and ready to devote myself to the team.” When asked about the absence of teammates from the Nui street football team such as Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong and Minh Vuong in this gathering, Cong Phuong would like to refuse to answer this question because it is his decision. Coaching staff. The striker born in 1995 added that he has trained for a long time with his teammates in the team, so there will be no big problems in training and competition.

Regarding the friendly match against Afghanistan on the evening of June 1, Cong Phuong commented: “Although it is only a friendly match, we will try to give our best for the audience. Personally, I feel very happy to see it. images of spectators queuing to buy tickets to the field. Whether in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, the fans are cheering for Vietnam Tel. We appreciate that and will always play our best.”

Regarding the match, at 9:00 am this morning (May 29), the organizers opened the sale of tickets to watch the match at Thong Nhat Stadium with 3 denominations of 150,000 VND, 300,000 VND, and 400,000 VND/ticket. As noted, many spectators came to the field to line up with the desire to own a ticket to watch the match between Vietnam and Afghanistan.

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