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The essay describing the “crude but true” mother of an elementary school student made netizens laugh out loud

Writing is always an important subject for elementary students. It helps them train their thinking ability and use language flexibly. However, it is the innocence and purity of the primary school age that over the past time on social networks, many children have continuously shared the cool writings of many children. Many of their works later became “legendary”.

Recently, netizens were once again laughing while reading an essay describing the mother of an elementary school student. It wouldn’t be worth mentioning if behind, this guy didn’t “uncover” more of his mother’s bad habits at home.

The text of the article is as follows:

“My mother was born in 1989. My mother is short, has brown hair, and has pinkish white skin. Her face is round and full of eyes, nose, mouth, eyelashes, eyebrows, ears. Her eyes are very bright, the brightest when found. money. Normally, I can’t smell flowers when I smell flowers, but I can smell food very well. My ears have a few holes because I just removed my earrings. My belly has stitches because of the previous C-section. My body is big because I have a lot of fat. Mother often breastfeeds the baby. Whenever she breastfeeds, she breastfeeds on the left, not on the right. Whenever she looks at her phone, she doesn’t watch anything useful, but sees ‘mixed birds’ selling clothes. “.

Essay describing mother

In his essay, the student described a real mother in real life instead of using flowery words like many other students.

The guy even put in a very cool sentence when his mother did not see useful things but only “watched clothes”, making not only his mother but many other mothers also … “tick” along. .

Not surprisingly, this article received a rain of compliments from netizens: “That’s right, ladies. Your description is surreal”; “Good observation skills”; “This is a narrative text, nothing more”; “Give me 10 points for honesty”…

In fact, writing is one of the minimum basic skills of students. However, instead of letting children write according to their true feelings, many parents and teachers force their children to be stereotyped to get high scores. This makes children inhibited their confidence, creativity and unknowingly aiding children to lie.

Therefore, instead of teaching letters and directing children to achievement, many parents and teachers direct children to meaningful values ​​​​of life, teaching children how to write truthfully with their feelings.

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