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Come is welcome, meet is battle

Right before the tournament started, U23 Vietnam determined that the match against Korea U23 was simply a challenge to learn. The opponent was too strong and was judged to be superior in all aspects. Their goal is to win the championship, while U23 Vietnam is just passing the group stage.

In the hands of coach Hwang Sun-hong is also an extremely quality group of players with players playing in the K.League, J.League and Europe. In which, most notably young star Lee Kang-in (playing for Mallorca club, La Liga, Spain). In general, they are a group that is much more classy than U23 Vietnam at the moment. In addition to Lee Kang-in, Korea U23 also owns many other dangerous attacking players such as Eom Won-sang (Ulsan Hyundai), Jo Young-wook (Seoul FC), striker Park Jeong-in (Busan).

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U23 Vietnam had a good performance against Thailand U23 (Photo: Hieu Luong)

However, psychological comfort is also a strong point of U23 Vietnam. As midfielder Van Truong shared, U23 Vietnam entered the field with the thought “to come is to welcome, to meet is to fight”. Coach Gong Oh-kyun’s students have nothing to lose in this match, on the contrary, they will gain a lot of experience when facing a quality lineup of players from top leagues.

In terms of gameplay, it is not difficult to judge that U23 Vietnam will apply counter-attack defense. They need to focus on each ball phase, avoiding putting themselves in a one-on-one dispute as little as possible. The Korean U23 players all have remarkable physical strength, strength and ability to penetrate.

In terms of force, U23 Vietnam does not have the services of Van Toan and Danh Trung but welcomes the return of central defender Thanh Binh.

Dropping the victory against Thailand U23 in injury time is a pity, but U23 Vietnam needs to leave everything behind. If you complete the goal of having 1 point before U23 Korea, the opportunity to win tickets to the quarterfinals of U23 Asia 2022 will be wide open.

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