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3 good guys became heroes of Luong Son Bac because they were… “cuckolded”

Tong Giang

Song Jiang is a real person who lived in the 12th century during the Song dynasty in China. However, his real life is only mentioned very little in history books and is not like the description in Thi Nai Am’s novel Water Margin.

The famous leader Luong Son Bac has a wife who has a more beautiful and talented beauty than him, Diem Tich Kieu. However, she has a habit of flirting, more amorous than “whore” Phan Kim Lien. Matched by Diem Ba, Tong Tam Lang quickly took her back as a concubine.

Because of Tong Giang’s indifference, Diem Tich Kieu had an affair with another pressure officer in the district. During a stay in her room, Tong Giang accidentally forgot the belt with Tieu Cai’s secret letter.

Knowing that Tong Giang has a relationship with the group Paint salaries, Diem Tich Kieu turned his face and wanted to report the mandarin as an excuse to threaten. As a result, the promiscuous wife was killed by Tong Giang because of her lustful, amorous and bohemian lifestyle.

3 good men became heroes of Luong Son Bac because they were...

Lu Tuan Nghia

Similar to Tong Giang, another brave hero almost died because his wife cheated on him and had to find it Go to Luong Son to take refuge That is the Unicorn Pearl Lu Tuan Nghia.

Lu Tuan Nghia is a descendant of a famous family. This man is the richest man in the city.

Because of his super wealth, Lu Tuan Nghia is the number 1 target that Luong Son Bac insurgent army wants to invite.

In order to “seduce” Lu Tuan Nghia, Ngo Dung himself had to plan and then personally went to Nghia’s house to execute the scheme. But no matter how excellent the multi-talented Tri Ngo Dung, he still failed to recruit foreign Lu Vien.

Tuan Nghia believes that he was born in a family that has been indebted to the ancestors for many generations, what Nghia has is all due to the benefits from the court. So he refused to give up all his inheritance but went to the mountains to become a bandit.

Northern unicorn Lu Tuan Nghia only followed Luong Son when he discovered that his wife had an affair with Ly Co, a servant with a very low background compared to Nghia.

In the case of Lu Tuan Nghia’s wife’s affair with Ly Co, Thi Nai Am did not clearly describe the reason, but if we take the time to compile the data throughout the character we can see, this character is very passionate. Passionate about martial arts and martial arts.

This (possibly excessive) passion caused Tuan Nghia to neglect his wife and children. This woman lived with Nghia for many years enjoying all the glory and riches, but at the last minute she could nod her head to accept a man much inferior to her husband.

This can be considered the most painful and haunting affair in the Water Margin.

Duong Hung

Duong Hung’s wife – Lady Phan Xao Van was a prostitute. On the anniversary of her ex-husband’s death, Phan Xao Van cheated while Duong Hung was away, when the monks went to the house to perform the ceremony, she had an affair with the monk Bui Nhu Hai. That story was discovered by Thoi Thien – a thief who was an underling of Duong Hung and told Thach Tu. Thach Tu brought the story back to Duong Hung. Duong Hung decided to ask his wife, but one night due to drinking too much, unable to control himself, he said all of Thach Tu’s words in front of Phan Xao Van, scaring her. Phan Xao Van hastily concealed the truth by slandering Thach Tu, causing Duong Hung to get angry and chase Thach Tu away.

At night, Thach Tu waited for Bui Nhu Hai to come to private communication with Phan Xao Van and then killed him right behind the house, gathered enough witnesses and told Duong Hung again. Duong Hung calmed down and went with Phan Xao Van to Mount Thuy Binh. Along the way, Phan Xao Van escaped and was caught by Thach Tu. Duong Hung questioned and killed his wife.

But before he died, Phan Xao Van said a sentence that made Duong Hung extremely painful. Cao Van said: “If you want to cut and kill as you like, more than 10 years with you is not equal to a few hours of living with my big brother (Xao Van’s boyfriend)”.

When it comes to adultery, we also need to remember that the tiger-fighting hero Vo Tong would have been able to enjoy the riches and glory if his sister-in-law, Phan Kim Lien, had not succumbed to Ximen. Independence.

This woman had an affair and then plotted to kill her husband. Vo Tong was so frustrated that he killed his sister-in-law and then followed in the footsteps of Tong Giang, Lu Tuan Nghia, Duong Hung… to the mountain to hide from crime.

Among the 108 heroes of Luong Son, many people had an affair because of their wives, so their families ended up falling apart. At the last step, they had to give up all their glory, wealth, and illustrious career to become bandits.

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