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Terrible rain of fire

The “wolf pack” penetrated the defenses of the enemy warship

The scary scenario that can be imagined at that time is that dozens of Kh-35 anti-ship missiles with a very small radar reflection area fly extremely low, cling to the crest of the waves, very difficult to be detected, like a “swarm of wolves”. rushing to attack at the same time from many directions, causing the enemy missile defense systems to be overloaded, unable to intercept and penetrate.

This coastal defense missile complex (often referred to as shore missile) is the Bal-E, do Russia make.


The Bal-E coastal missile complex is designed to control the straits and territorial waters; protect naval bases, strategic logistics facilities and other coastal facilities; defend and create buffer zones to prevent and protect coastal routes; coastal defense against enemy amphibious warfare; protect the sea lanes and control the sea areas within the missile range of the complex.

The Bal-E complex can detect, track, distribute and attack groups of targets at sea with Kh-35E anti-ship cruise missiles.


The basic configuration of the Bal-E system includes:

• Up to 2 command, communication and fire control vehicles

• Up to 4 vehicles carrying self-propelled rocket launchers

• Up to 4 ammunition and ammunition trucks

• Vehicle communication

In addition, the Bal-E Complex has many different configurations to meet customer requirements.

The Russian missile complex forms a pack of sea wolves: A terrible firestorm - Photo 2.

Basic configuration of a shore missile complex BAL-E

Outstanding tactical characteristics of the BAL-E . complex

The complex has high mobility, quick deployment, ready to fight, a large number of missile bullets, can be launched in series as indicated, stable operation, effective combat and creating a convenient combat environment. for the test crew.

Missile shells can be launched over natural or man-made obstacles from a battlefield up to 1,000 meters above sea level.

In particular, with the new generation Kh-35U missile, the BAL-E complex will multiply its combat power against long-range sea targets (up to 260km). The Chinese website Toutiao rated the Kh-35U missile as a terrifying anti-ship weapon.

The technology of the Kh-35U anti-ship cruise missile has been fully developed towards mass production and large-scale equipment. The relatively low cost (much cheaper than hypersonic or hypersonic missiles) allows customers with limited defense budgets to access and purchase.

The penetration ability of the Kh-35U missile is very good thanks to its super-low flight ability, right above the wave crest at subsonic speed, only 3-5m above the water surface, lower than the deck, making their detection difficult. which is extremely difficult with the onboard radar. Even if the Kh-35U missile is detected, it will not be easy to shoot down.

The missile uses a superior probe that is resistant to enemy interference and approaches the target by two methods: active (the missile automatically turns on the probe to find the target) and passive (when the missile does not scan). target that picks up the impulses emanating from the target).

There are no existing missile defense systems capable of intercepting the firestorm of 32 low-flying missiles at the same time as the Kh-35E/U launched from a BAL-E shore missile complex.

The Russian missile complex forms a pack of sea wolves: The terrible rain of fire - Photo 4.

Self-propelled launcher vehicle of the BAL-E shore missile complex and Kh-35UE missile shell.

Features of the BAL-E . shore missile complex

• Active and passive radar channels have the ability to detect, screen (in the environment of positive and negative interference), classify and track targets;

• 2 separate radars using passive receiver mode to locate targets through triangulation;

• Control device for optimal target allocation between launch vehicles;

• 4 self-propelled launchers carrying 8 missile rounds on each vehicle allow the crew to choose the method of firing in series or firing in combination one by one, with high synergy.

• Special communication vehicles receive instructions from superior command posts and target elements from reconnaissance/target identification devices.

basic technical parameter (with Kh-35E/Kh-35U missile):

Maximum range (km): up to 120/260

Number of rockets per vehicle (ammunition): 8

Time to change combat status (minutes): no more than 10

Chassis: Off-road vehicle with 4-wheel tires.

Russian-made Bal-E coastal missile complex


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