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Loved for 3 years and got married, before I registered to get married, my husband took out 1 thing, I broke up

I am the daughter of a family of fruit trees. Later, when my hometown developed, my parents opened a fruit shop, the business was very favorable, so I did not lack anything since I was a child. But I am very naughty, playful, so my academic ability is not very good. After graduating from high school, I didn’t go to university, but followed my parents to the city to expand a business branch.

In the blink of an eye I was 22 years old. Because we bought a house, our family decided to live here forever, not going back to the hometown, the branch of the shop in the countryside hires someone else to manage, sometimes we will go there to check.

When I was in my youth, I also wanted to try the feeling of love, but unfortunately I didn’t have any friends in the city, and I was busy at night so I couldn’t meet any guy. Three years ago, I met Dang, he often stopped by my store to buy fruit. He was mature, funny, very attractive, and I was commented by him as charming and lovely.

After a few meetings at the store, we exchanged contact information and he started pursuing me. My parents met Dang, found him generous, handsome and reliable, so they agreed to let us go back and forth.

Loved for 3 years and got married, before I registered to get married, my husband took out 1 thing, I broke up - 1

We’ve been dating for 3 years before we got married. (Illustration)

Dang’s family condition is very good, his parents have a big company, he is also the owner of a small coffee shop, he has bought a house in an urban area and has a luxury car. To be honest, his family is much richer than mine, so at first I felt that this love relationship would not end soon because of his parents’ opposition. But this is my first love, you treat me very well, so because you love me, you just fall in love, who knows love Ours will be accepted by your parents.

After nearly 3 years of love, he proposed to me and then took me home to meet my parents. At that time, I was very worried, afraid that Dang’s parents would show an attitude towards me, not accepting this daughter-in-law. Unexpectedly, they were very supportive of our relationship, even advising us to get married soon. Listening to his parents talk, I thought I was dreaming.

I am overjoyed, because during nearly 3 years of knowing him, I feel that I am the happiest woman in the world. Not only because he gave me a full material life, but also because he loved me very much and complied with my wishes in everything, so for a long time in my heart I had identified him as my husband.

The parents of both sides then also met to discuss the wedding, we decided to hold the wedding on International Labor Day 1/5. However, we don’t want to register the marriage yet, wait until the 3rd anniversary of love and then go to register it, anyway, there is only 1 month left.

Loved for 3 years and then got married, before I registered to get married, my husband took out 1 thing, I broke up - 2

The night before I went to register my marriage, I personally prepared a table for him. (Illustration)

The night before I was about to register my marriage, I personally went to the kitchen to make a table, add a bottle of red wine, and decorate it with roses. In general, the scene is very romantic.

The reason I prepared this way is to celebrate our 3 year love, the other is to thank you for your love for me. I thought he would be very emotional and happy when he saw the things I prepared, because I rarely went to the kitchen before because there were also helpers in the house.

But what I didn’t expect was that when Dang came home, he looked at the scene in front of him and was stunned for a moment and then fell silent. I asked him what was wrong and he did not answer.

I had to comfort him. After a while, he entered the room and took out a book with a paper clip inside. He took that paper and gave it to me and when I read the words on it, I was like “petrified”. Turns out, he once had a wife, that paper was a divorce certificate.

– Honey, I don’t plan to talk about this with you, want to keep that secret for the rest of my life, but you love me so much, I don’t want to lie anymore.

In fact, he had a wife before. He and she had a child together, but after living together for 2 years, they divorced. After a divorce for more than a year, I met you, the reason why I didn’t want to tell you was because I was afraid that you would hate me and disparage me. But I really love you, don’t care about my past.

Loved for 3 years then got married, before marriage registration my husband took out 1 thing, I broke up - 3

Hearing what he said, my ears were ringing. (Illustration)

At that time, my ears were ringing, tears were involuntarily falling down. I couldn’t believe he had a wife and had a child with him. I feel like I’ve been cheated, feeling that he doesn’t trust me enough, is there anything he still hides from me? I wanted to break up, but before his sincerity, I couldn’t bear it. What should I do? Should I continue this relationship?

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