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Saturn retrograde: Thousand wonderful things

After Mercury retrograde, the 12 zodiac signs continue to face Saturn retrograde. However, besides the challenges, you can still embrace new opportunities thanks to this astrological event.

According to Astrology, Saturn is one of the 10 main planets, also the largest planet in the solar system. It represents rigor, authoritarianism, responsibility and hinders people from feeling their inner voice in particular and the community in general.

On the positive side, Saturn retrograde lasts about 4 and a half months, representing patience to deal with the events of the year. This is one of the most important meteorological phenomena of the year. Saturn represents responsibility, stability, and discipline. At the same time, it is also the chain between the future and the past, the influence of the present on the future development.

Saturn retrograde: Everything is great, everything is not as bad as you think - Photo 1.

The values ​​come a lot from the elders, experienced as leaders, captains. Achievement and recognition lead to greater satisfaction, contentment and self-esteem. Venus trine Saturn reinforces true love, loyalty, and commitment. A new romance with a predestined relationship from a past life can be long-lasting, soulful.

Existing relationships are stronger and more stable. Mutual respect and visions that produce real results will help you get through any problems as Saturn retrograde in 2022 squares up with Uranus. The financial sector will receive many advantages.

Saturn retrograde: Everything is great, everything is not as bad as you think - Photo 2.

Saturn is like a strict teacher, each retrograde will have a profound impact, squeezing out steam and removing all scum. Where Saturn appears, people need to put in more effort, take on more responsibilities, and have the courage to face them. The keywords that Saturn brings in this 2022 retrograde are “take up” and “hard”.

However, when Saturn is retrograde, obstacles are unusual, difficult, and responsibility is no longer stable. The pressure that Saturn retrograde causes is not small, requiring us to be even more determined and work harder to minimize the impact created by this planet.

Saturn retrograde: Everything is great, everything is not as bad as you think - Photo 3.

Saturn retrograde is the most valuable growth opportunity of the year. First, people can find true meaning from fear and frustration, opening the door to truth. The growth opportunities offered by Saturn are long-lasting and constantly revolving.

Through this “exercise”, people accumulate rich social experiences and crystallize their intellect. Saturn retrograde brings many challenges, but also great opportunities if the 12 constellations know how to seize it.

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