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My neighbour’s wedding day, my husband solemnly celebrated the wedding with 2 gold taels

My father-in-law is peach blossom man. He is in good shape, often goes to the gym and has outside relationships. My mother-in-law knew about it but closed her eyes because they were both old. He didn’t want to make a fuss.

Last year, my father-in-law insisted on selling the land next door to a young girl at a very low price. No matter how many families can stop it. Mother-in-law was weak by nature, so she didn’t dare stop her husband.

So my family has a young neighbor girl. The girl is 5 years younger than my husband, the more I look at her, the more I see some similarities with my husband.

A few days ago was a neighbour’s wedding. My husband emphatically celebrated the wedding with 2 taels of gold. I object because there are so many. Faced with my strong reaction, my husband had to admit the shocking truth:

It was his half brother. my father have your own child but kept it a secret because he was afraid his mother would be sad. But leaving him in the countryside was inconvenient to work, so he purposely sold his land at a low price so that he could have a stable place to live. After all, he has already lost a lot, I just want to make up for it a little bit for my little brother.

I am surprised. My husband begged me to keep everything a secret because only he and my father knew. He was afraid that if his mother found out, he would be crushed. But I love my mother-in-law because my father-in-law is too selfish.

My husband said he would wait until he was dying to reveal this and property division for my husband and my neighbor (who is also my brother-in-law). Is it okay to wait until then? Should I tell my mother-in-law? Seeing him being deceived, I felt very sorry.

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