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“Queen of Ha Thanh gym” is wearing a protective skirt, showing off her complete round 1-Fashion

Sunday, March 13, 2022 08:16 (GMT+7)

She pursues a healthy and dynamic fashion style.

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Hana Giang Anh showed off her strong body in a tight purple dress.

Hana Giang Anh is known as a fitness trainer. With a strong body after years of constant training, she is called by fans as “the queen of the gym Ha Thanh”.

Apart from sharing interesting tips about sports and beauty, Hana Giang Anh is often mentioned as having a liberal fashion sense. Her sexy fashion style has become a controversial topic because it doesn’t suit Vietnamese culture. One of them can be called loose style, not wearing protective underwear.

Despite the controversy, Hana Giang Anh still confidently promotes the forgetting bra style, ignoring gossip. Recently, on her personal page, she confidently posted a photo of herself wearing a bodycon dress, revealing an impressive bust. Hana Giang Anh has publicly improved her first round, so she is even more comfortable expressing her own fashion personality.

For those who have a round shape, a full circle is like a dumpling. Some people prefer teardrop shaped breasts… The standard of physical beauty is different every day, so with advanced technology, you can easily get what you want.

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In the close-up angle, Hana Giang Anh shows her bare breasts.

Hana Giang Anh has a special goal in promoting bra-free fashion. According to the “gym queen”, she wants to convey confidence to women, love her body more, but that way is not accepted by the majority, especially in Vietnam. The trend of not wearing a bra to release the body is still a taboo in Vietnamese culture.

The female fitness trainer thinks that for herself – someone who often sees photos of foreign fitness girls, it is too normal not to wear a bra. They work hard, they are beautiful, they are confident, they are comfortable, they “show off” and Hana Giang Anh is happy with her choice.

Of course, when following a trend or doing things that the majority doesn’t recognize, he or she is bound to be judged and criticized by the majority.

“I’m not perfect, but I’m confident in myself, if I like it that’s okay. What’s important is that when I’m exposed, I feel more confident than wearing closed clothes. Because I feel like wearing revealing clothes reveals my strength more. It’s that simple, nothing to mention about it.” – Hana Giang Anh has experience.

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Hana Giang Anh often forgets bras, confidently takes pictures to post on social networks.

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He himself felt normal when he went through the style without a bra.


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