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Cohabiting with her fiancé, the hot girl realizes her personality

A lot of couple promises all kinds of stories about a happy wedding and marriage, but when they come back to live together, many harsh truths are revealed. Together, many problems appear, making us tired. Even then, that is also the time to realize the badness of the opponent. Many people have had to stop, do not want to try to build happiness anymore. Because they think that the short time living together has reached the limit of tolerance. But at that step, don’t rush to make a decision, ladies! Let’s listen to N.’s story below to better understand this aspect.

Cohabiting with her fiancé, she realizes the enemy’s ki bo from a small detail

N. and her boyfriend have been dating for almost 2 years, then decided get married. In fact, they had planned to get married before, but because of the epidemic, the plan had to be postponed. N. considers the relationship will have more time to test, just as love needs to reach more maturity. In N.’s mind, her boyfriend – fiancé is a decent person. He does not have bad habits such as playing, gambling or drinking. Even this man keeps a very scientific lifestyle, making N. extremely secure.

Cohabiting with her fiancé, she realizes the ki bo of the other side from a small detail and very delicate handling - Photo 1.


The young couple has come back to meet their family, it must be said that the two sides are quite similar, there is nothing to argue about. The important thing now is to choose an appropriate time to go home together. Before that, N. asked her boyfriend about living together for a while, so that the two sides could strive for harmony in lifestyle. Of course there will be some disagreements, but this is a good time to experience a new level in the relationship.

It was also while cohabiting with her fiancé that N. realized that he had some bad points. The day she moved in with her, her future husband’s parents also welcomed N. very warmly. In particular, N. also pays attention to the small details to make life happier. One day, she went into the kitchen, saw a few packets of sugar, and found out that N.’s boyfriend’s father was sick, everyone came to visit and gave her sugar cans of milk. After that, she had no doubts.

After a few days, N. no longer saw the bags of sugar, instead there were a few bags of salt and soup powder. She was planning to make cakes, so she went to the grocery store at the end of the alley to buy sugar. Arriving at the place, the new salesman revealed to N. the terrible truth. It turned out that her fiancé brought some sugar packets to exchange with her for salt and soup powder. According to the grocer, this isn’t the first time he’s done this. He even threatened that if he didn’t exchange, he would “face out” from then on, not to buy anymore. Because of fear of affecting the village, the grocer had to go to the water.

N. stood still for a while, did not expect her fiancé to be such an opportunist, ki bo and full of calculations…

Very delicate way of handling women

Although shocked and stunned, N. understands this is just the beginning. Later, when two people return to the same house, there will be many conflicts and disagreements. And if you give up, it can’t be because this problem has a complete solution. N. bought back exactly what her fiancé “traded in” with the grocer. She also sincerely apologized to him.

Cohabiting with her fiancé, she realizes the enemy's ki bo from a small detail and very delicate handling - Photo 2.


In addition, N. also talked softly with her husband. She said: “I know what you do, you calculate it very carefully to save everything. But sometimes I just mess around a bit. After all, people are old, but they are also neighbors near the house. Later, we will need to ask for help. From now on, shop and spend in the house, let me share with you. We will get married and I will become your wife, please believe in me!”.

Thanks to her gentle words, N.’s fiancé understood and apologized for the wrong behavior. The two continue to live together, and they are full of hope that one day they will officially become a husband and wife. So that’s it, how women face and handle conflicts is very important. Please calculate smoothly so that there is not much controversy. tiet-no-va-cach-xu-ly-het-suc-tinh-te-20220314172950359.chn

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