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Witnesses of the house fire in Pham Ngoc Thach

Regarding the case House fire at lane 65 Pham Ngoc ThachKiem Lien ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi at dawn on April 21, causing 5 deaths in the family, currently the authorities are still investigating and clarifying the cause.

The serious consequences of the fire made many people sad when the 5 dead victims were all members of the same family, including 2 young children.

Haunting the victim's cry for help in the house fire in Kim Lien in the middle of the night:

Authorities sealed off the scene to investigate the cause.

By the morning of the same day, people living around were still shocked by the heartbreaking incident.

Mrs. Dam Thi T. who lives next to the scene shared: “Last night, when I woke up, I heard a popping sound. I thought it was a fight so I didn’t wake up. Then I heard a cry for help. When I came out, I saw the house next door was on fire, there were 1 or 2 more people at that time, but the fire was huge. People can’t reach anyone, only hear the cry in the house “help me”…

The time when the Fire and Rescue Police Force of Dong Da district approached the scene of the fire covering the first floor of the house. At this time, two people, Mr. Bui Ngoc Lam and his nephew Bui Quang Huy, escaped to the roof of the second floor next door, and the Fire and Rescue Police force deployed a ladder to bring 2 people from the roof to a safe location.

At the same time, deploying fire fighting organization and searching for victims.

Haunting the victim's cry for help in the house fire in Kim Lien in the middle of the night:

The entire property on the first floor was burned down

Inside, LLCN discovered on the 2nd floor that there was 1 victim, Bui Gia H., Lam’s son) still showing signs of breathing and was taken to the emergency room. However, H. also died later at Saint Paul General Hospital.

In addition, LLCN also discovered 4 other dead victims including Mrs. Doan Thi M. (SN: 1948; head of household); Mrs. Do Mai H. (SN: 1985; daughter-in-law of Mrs. M.), Mr. Bui Ngoc K. (SN: 1985, biological son of Mrs. M.), nephew Bui Nam P. (SN: 2012; son of Mr. Lam. ).

Recalling the time of the fire, people living around were still shocked:

“About 1 a.m. I heard 2 explosions, then started to smell burning. At that time everyone was asleep so no one knew, when we ran over, we saw a fire right in front of the door. The door of the house is now locked inside and outside, so people inside cannot escape.”another resident shared.

The case is currently under investigation by the authorities. chn

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