Resuming international flights, this real estate segment is about to return to the “race track”

In 2020-2021, the resort real estate market is quite quiet due to the decline from 2019 and the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. However, entering the first 2 months of 2022, the market has recorded many positive signs and many favorable fulcrums.

Vo Hong Thang – Deputy Director of R&D DKRA Vietnam said: “In the first 2 months of 2022, resort real estate recorded an increase at the sharing session with the topic: Resort real estate is back on track. mutations of some segments such as resort villas, resort shophouse townhouses.

For resort villas, in the past 2 months, we recorded 5 projects for sale, providing 354 products to the market – this supply is equivalent to the same period in 2021. Consumption rate 47% recorded received 167 units sold, up 2 times over the same period.

The resort shophouse townhouse segment also increased sharply, recording 6 projects for sale, providing 844 new shophouses to the market, the supply increased by 26 times – a really large number compared to the current market. The sales rate was quite positive at 82%, recording 694 units sold, an increase of about 31.5 times over the same period. The increase of several dozen times like this is a surge of the market in recent times.

The condotel segment recorded a decline. I think this segment needs more time to recover along with the recovery of tourism in the near future.”

Mr. Thang said that in general, the real estate market in the first 2 months of the year had a very positive recovery. This is an important premise to make a breakthrough in the following months and reach the finish line in 2022.

“Although the supply increased by times, compared to the “golden age” of 2019 is still a long distance. The recovery of resort real estate lies in the general recovery of the market. However, the opening The door to the economy, travel more convenient to make the tourism industry recover is a factor affecting customer psychology, making market demand increase significantly in the past time”, Mr. Thang said. .

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Mr. Vo Hong Thang – Deputy Director of R&D DKRA Vietnam.

Assessing the prospect of this segment in 2022, Mr. Thang said, this is a really potential segment, one of the key segments of the market. In the short term, this expert realizes that there are factors that help the real estate market recover and break through and get back on track.

Firstly, the economy is open and information today (March 15) begins to reopen international flights. This will help the tourism industry to have strong recovery steps in the future and will have a strong impact on the resort real estate segment.

Second, there are many large investors in the market that are implementing large-scale projects from a few hundred to several thousand hectares. These projects will lead the market.

Third, the Ministry of Construction is completing the legal framework for a number of types such as shophouses, condotels, officetels, etc. When the legal framework is issued, it will affect the real estate market, including the holiday real estate market. maintenance and directly to the condotel segment.

Fourth, in the past 2 years, resort real estate “hibernates” but this is also the time when international 5-star and 6-star operators enter Vietnam. Vietnam has no shortage of large international professional operators.

Fifth, in terms of macroeconomics, we are controlling inflation well, bank interest rates remain at a stable level. In addition, the government’s stimulus packages not only affect resort real estate but also the entire real estate market.

Combining these factors, Mr. Thang said that in the short term, the resort real estate market will recover and have outstanding growth.

Giving advice to investors choosing the resort real estate segment, Mr. Thang said: “The resort real estate market has many segments. We choose and comprehensively evaluate the segment we want to invest in. investment: condotel, resort villa or resort shophouse. Second, we should choose localities that have developed tourism or have clear potential. Third, we should choose investors investors have big projects, build an ecosystem. This helps us to add value later on. 4th, we should choose projects with famous international operation that will ensure cash flow and profit. our expected return”.

Should investors “surf” real estate during this period?

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