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Is it true that realme has found the formula to conquer high-end smartphone fans?

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 18:00 PM (GMT+7)

After years of focusing only on the low-cost and mid-range segments, realme has recently begun to try in the high-end segment with the GT 2 Pro smartphone. From the last few leaked images, the technology world once again “wasted up”, saying that realme is gradually changing its business strategy in 2022 to assert its position in the new game.

Is it true that realme has found the formula to conquer high-end smartphone fans?  - first

GT 2 Pro is considered realme’s first “shot” in the race to conquer high-end smartphone fans

Upgrade features to meet user expectations and fantasies

In recent years, realme has continuously affirmed its position as a “big man” in the smartphone field with incredible investment and growth. From the appearance of realme X series to realme GT and GT NEO, realme’s journey to conquer users is marked by effort and glory.

Undaunted with the name “mid-range saint”, the company continues to expand the game with bold experiments in the high-end market by bringing high-end features to the segment for the first time. Combined with a perfect and luxurious design suitable for young users’ tastes, realme shows its understanding to users who are looking for a suitable flagship. “

The “sweet fruit” that followed was a strong growth from sales to position enhancement. According to the latest report of Counterpoint Research, realme’s 5G devices have grown the fastest in the smartphone market with a growth rate of 165% over the same period last year, helping realme to enter the top 5 global leading 5G smartphone brands. .

Is it true that realme has found the formula to conquer high-end smartphone fans?  - 2

GT 2 Series – the most advanced flagship ever, promises to bring a “beyond-flagship” experience to users

Following that success, the upcoming generation of GT 2 Pro is expected to not only conquer users with unique and different features but also establish a new position, bringing realme “to the destination” closer to the end of the world. develop high-end and high-end products. In addition, the company also oriented product development to optimize users’ needs by not only focusing on features but also expanding other factors with the ambition to bring smartphones closer to devices. Sustainable design for the environment, inspiring modern technology lovers. This is also a rare thing in other brands, helping realme “score” strongly in the hearts of users.

GT 2 Pro – the mark of the premium segment in the first half of 2022

Young people today have many ways to express their personality, with the support of technology devices, it can be said that GenZ is like a “tiger with more wings” on the way to creating a new trend. Therefore, they are always eager to find their own breakthrough products, want to discover the most unique features on the market, thereby promoting their energy to reveal their full potential. Capturing this mentality and tastes, realme quickly made an impression by improving the design and performance of new products. In particular, realme GT 2 Pro integrates all leading technologies in all aspects from processor, screen, camera to fast charging to provide a superior user experience.

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Capturing young trends, realme GT 2 Pro not only focuses on trendy features but also researches environmentally friendly design – something many young people are always interested in.

Fashion has always been an important factor for young users, and immediately, realme’s flagship phones know how to score with impressive looks. Realme’s latest smartphone emphasizes the design with the back finished from eco-friendly biopolymers, created by industry design legend Naoto Fukasawa (Japan), to help reduce up to 35% carbon emissions into the environment when compared to common glass or metal materials. With this breakthrough innovation, GT 2 Pro will be a launch product line that helps realme rewrite the definition of “flagship” on the market today.

Is it true that realme has found the formula to conquer high-end smartphone fans?  - 4

With outstanding improvements in design and features, GT 2 Pro will definitely make a “high-end segment mark” in the first half of 2022.

GenZ generation are customers who are not looking for a perfect device, but on the other hand it must possess useful and exclusive features. At the same time, these features need to be pioneered in the market to improve the quality of work and to satisfy the needs of young people to express themselves. The appearance of GT 2 Pro shows the continuous efforts of innovation in design and technology to please “God”, helping young people to access the world with the latest pioneering technologies. Thereby, this product line also lays a solid foundation for the company in the midst of a competitive market, fulfilling its leapfrog advanced technology ecosystem.

With this smartphone, realme has really marked a new era for the high-end segment when from image quality, processing capabilities to extensive features, all meet the needs of users not only. present but also in the future. Although not officially commercial yet, the upcoming GT 2 Pro on March 22 will represent the “Greater Than Great” spirit that the company is aiming for this year, let’s look forward to it!

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