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How to store fresh lemons for a whole month without spoiling helps F0s always have them

Friday, March 18, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

Fresh lemon to drink cooling water, increase resistance, wash to reduce itching … especially as cough medicine for the F0 is very effective. On this occasion, the price of fresh lemons increases, buying a lot of them and storing them in the refrigerator is easy to damage, but the following way of preserving lemons helps them stay fresh for a whole month.

The whole family of Ngo Thi Hoai (Hanoi) became F0 and recovered one by one, but still coughed like a hoe. Hoai heard that the post-covid-19 cough is very persistent and should not take antibiotics, but sucking on fresh lemon with salt, or fresh lemon with honey… will reduce cough a lot, so she bought some lemons to “process to make cough medicine” in a folk way for the whole family to use gradually.

How to store fresh lemons for a whole month without spoiling helps F0s always have them - 1

Fresh lemons wrapped in newspaper can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month. Illustration.

Everyone who sucks on salted lemon feels comfortable, cough symptoms gradually decrease. She feels very lucky because otherwise, if the house is tight, it only takes 1 hour for the whole family to wake up and the husband – the main breadwinner of the family will have insomnia, and if the insomnia lasts, the healthy person will also get sick.

So Hoai bought 2kg of fresh lemon for cheap, intending to take 1-2 every day as “cough medicine”, both easy to make and cheap.

But after 1 week, she saw that the lemons turned yellow, some yellow, brown fruits were very ugly, some were very soft, couldn’t make “cough medicine” anymore, even if they tried to do it, no one would want to suck it up.

Looking at the number of broken lemons, Hoai also hurts, but she can only use it to put it in a pot of steaming water, or shampoo, but can’t do anything anymore.

At that moment, her sister-in-law visited her brother and grandchildren, saw her shy sister-in-law with a bunch of lemons, and told her that fresh lemons are like many other fruits, if stored in a normal environment, they will spoil quickly. .

But there is still a way to store it in the refrigerator and stay fresh for a whole month without being damaged, spoiled and damaged.

Hearing that, Hoai was overjoyed, asked her sister-in-law to guide how to preserve fresh lemons for a long time without spoiling in the refrigerator, so that when needed, they can be used immediately.

Method 1: Use newspaper to keep lemons fresh for a long time in the refrigerator

Buy fresh lemons, wash them and let them dry.

Use newspaper to shred into pieces enough to cover 1 lemon.

Then spread out the pieces of newspaper and wrap each lemon in each piece of newspaper that has just been torn (this can be given to children to help their parents so that they can work and play at the same time).

After wrapping all the lemons, put them in a plastic bag, tie it tightly, and then store it in the refrigerator, use it gradually when needed.

How to store fresh lemons for a whole month without spoiling helps F0s always have them - 3

Use plastic wrap to wrap fresh lemons and keep them in the fridge for up to a month. Illustration.

Method 2: Use food wrap to keep lemons fresh for a long time

Newspapers are not easy to find these days, but food wrap is easier to buy. Therefore, newspapers can be replaced with food-wrapped rolls, reducing the area compared to newspapers.

Here’s how:

Buy fresh lemons, wash them and let them dry.

Cut 1 piece of plastic wrap for each lemon.

Store the wrapped lemons in the refrigerator door – where the temperature is not too cold will keep the lemons in the kitchen fresher longer.

Store fresh lemons in zip bags, plastic boxes

Buy fresh lemon, wash and dry.

When the lemons are completely dry, put all the fresh lemons that need to be stored in zip bags, or plastic containers, then store in the refrigerator.

This preservation method does not affect the lemon peel, so it can be kept fresh for 1 week, still fresh and green in color.

Store fresh lemons in a plastic container or jar with a lid

Fresh lemon washed, let dry.

Wash the plastic containers with lids to store the lemons, dry them and turn them upside down to dry completely.

Place the fresh lemons in the jar one at a time and close the lid. Put the plastic container/lemon jar in the refrigerator and use it gradually. This way, lemons will stay fresh for a long time, stored for about 1 month.

Preserving fresh lemons with sand

In places where there is no refrigerator, you can store fresh lemons in the sand for a long time as follows:

Buy fresh lemons

Take a small styrofoam box and punch a few holes around it (so as not to be too tight).

Put sand in a foam box, about 5cm thick.

Take out the fresh lemons that need to be preserved and spread them in the sand in the styrofoam box, so that 1 layer of sand, 1 layer of fresh lemons are arranged until the end.

Cover the top with a thin layer of sand, so that most of the lemon is covered (that is, the fresh lemon must protrude above the sand, do not fill it all, it will spoil faster.

The sand will help keep the lemons fresh at natural temperature. This way can keep lemons fresh for about 20 days.

How to store fresh lemons for a whole month without spoiling helps F0s always have them - 4

Half-used fresh lemons also have ways to preserve them. Illustration.

How to preserve half-used fresh lemons

If using lemon is not enough, you can keep the remaining lemon slice fresh in the following way:

– Use a flat plate, add a little vinegar (or squeeze out a few drops of lemon juice on the plate), then place the half-baked lemon on the plate.

This preservation method helps the surface of the lemon to be stored without dehydration and still retains its freshness. But you should use a piece of bad lemon soon, lest you leave it too long and the fresh lemon will spoil.

How to choose fresh lemon

The most important is how to choose fresh lemons to store.

– Hold the lemon in your hand, press it lightly. If the lemon is hard and has oil oozing out, it’s a freshly harvested lemon.

– Look at the lemon, see that the lemon peel is glossy, there are no bruises, boots, or holes.

– Fresh lemon has a characteristic cool and sour aroma, no strange smell, especially the smell of broken fruit.

– Do not choose lemons that have turned yellow, discolored, or have dried up.

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