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Apply garlic to treat COVID-19, 2-month-old baby is in critical condition

At Hung Vuong General Hospital (Phu Tho), doctors put the baby intubated, mechanical ventilation, vasopressor, sedation, antibiotics for the baby. Fortunately, the baby passed the life-threatening stage.

The family said that the child was infected with nCoV on the fourth day, had a high fever, and was poorly fed. Seeing that the child taking fever-reducing medicine did not reduce the fever, the family applied garlic to the baby’s abdomen to treat COVID-19. At the same time, they put leaves on the fontanel to reduce fever. As a result, the baby becomes weak, has a low fever, and the abdomen is blistered.

Doctor Dinh Xuan Hoang, Head of Pediatrics Department, said that when the baby was in critical condition, the team had to race for emergency treatment. Presently, health The baby is stable and receiving special care. The doctor reported that the newborn baby had COVID-19 It is easy to change seriously if it is not monitored and cared for in time. The family found that the child’s high fever did not respond to fever-reducing drugs, so the child should be taken to the hospital for examination.

In addition to febrile convulsions, sick children are prone to superinfection with bacteria that cause septic shock. SARS-CoV-2 can attack many organs such as the heart, lungs, nerves, etc. Therefore, parents should not use garlic, leaves or any medicine that is not recommended by doctors to apply to children. to drink.

Parents need to bring their children with COVID-19 to the hospital as soon as they have the following symptoms:

– Continuous high fever unresponsive to antipyretic drugs, convulsions due to high fever alone.

– Fast breathing rate.

– Fatigue, skipping or not eating, irritability, crying, decreased consciousness difficult to wake up.

– Excessive diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, sunken eyes, dry lips, crying without tears.

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