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Successful surgery for a young man who lost a limb due to a lawn mower

According to his wife H., about 10 o’clock on March 15, 2022, Mr. H was mowing the lawn when suddenly the blade fell from the lawn mower and severed his left leg. The local medical staff only had time to stop the bleeding. After 5 hours from the time of the accident, the patient was transferred to 108 Central Military Hospital.

Successful surgery for a young man whose limb was amputated by a lawn mower - Photo 1.

Foot image after being connected

After examining, consulting and assessing the condition of the injury, Dr. Nguyen Viet Ngoc, head of the microsurgery team, decided to quickly perform basic tests to be able to carry out surgery to “replant” the severed limb as soon as possible.

The patient was operated on under endotracheal anesthesia, the surgical team cleaned the lesion and performed microsurgery to reconnect the severed limb for the patient.

After 1 hour of surgery, the vascular system was connected, the foot was well supplied with blood, warm pink and clear (the foot was re-blooded at 7 hours). After 4.5 hours, the doctors successfully operated on the patient.

After surgery, the patient was given antibiotics, analgesia, swelling and anticoagulants. Three days after surgery, change the dressing to check that the incision is dry and the foot is well ventilated. The patient is awake, eating and sleeping well.

Successful surgery for a young man who lost a limb due to a lawn mower - Photo 2.

Check the foot after surgery

According to Dr. Nguyen Viet Ngoc, the patient needs to continue to be monitored and cared for. After being discharged from the hospital, it is necessary to periodically follow up and re-examine and rehabilitate in order to achieve good results.

Dr. Ngoc added that every year, the Department of Upper Extremity Trauma and Microsurgery, Institute of Trauma and Orthopedics, 108 Central Military Hospital receives many cases of patients with severed body parts such as arms, legs, skin. head, lips, nose, ears… due to various accident causes. Recently, there have been many cases of amputation due to lawn mowers. Therefore, in order to avoid possible unfortunate accidents, each person needs to raise the awareness of self-protection and ensure occupational safety.

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