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New developments in the case of the owner of the restaurant in Da Nang stealing money, ‘handling’ the staff

The employee was cheated by the restaurant owner in Da Nang, beaten and threatened to say that he had received enough money and found a new job.

Sharing with PV Infonet, NVH (born in 2001, hometown of Quang Nam) said that yesterday 18/3, the manager of LHS restaurant (address Chuong Duong, Da Nang) transferred 1.4 million VND, is the missing overtime wages for H.

New developments in the case of the owner of a restaurant in Da Nang stealing money, 'handling' the staff
H.’s article accused the owner of the LHS restaurant of stealing money and hitting the staff, attracting the attention of netizens.

Although before, talking to PV, the owner of the restaurant LHS said that he wanted to meet H. to apologize, pay, and settle everything smoothly, but H. said that up to this point he still has not received any apology. from the restaurant owner.

According to H., now she has found another job and will try to earn money to continue her university studies.

Before that, Infonet had an article “The case of a restaurant owner in Da Nang being accused of stealing wages and making a move to an employee: Admitted that he had a hand when he was angry, the staff said that he just needed to receive enough money”.

According to the reflection, NVH worked as a waiter at LHS restaurant for half a month. However, the restaurant took the reason that there were few customers and lowered the employee’s salary, so H. resigned and was approved by the manager.

When he got his salary, H. was surprised when the amount he received was not as originally agreed, was deducted unreasonable money, not only that, the restaurant owner also “upper leg, lower forearm”, threatening to make H. had to leave his hometown because of fear.

“I work at the bar from 3pm the previous day to 3am the next day. Sometimes I still have to rub the floor, spray water until 6 am to rest. Although the working time is more than 13 hours/shift, only 8 hours are counted. The initial agreed-upon salary is 20,000 VND/hour, but at the time of payment, only 15,000 VND is charged. Not only that, there is also a deduction of 50% of the probationary salary in the first 3 days, which is not included in the agreement; additionally deduct 30% of salary for leaving without reporting to the accountant. Meanwhile, I applied for leave and was accepted by the manager”, reflected H..

On the morning of March 16, H. went to a restaurant to talk about salary when the restaurant owner cursed, “upper forearm, lower leg”, punched and kicked in the stomach.

According to H.’s share, my family’s situation is very difficult. H. is a student at a university in Da Nang, but because his family is poor, he has no money to pay tuition fees, so he has to reserve, work part-time to earn money to make ends meet, but this situation happened.

Frustrated with the attitude of the restaurant owner, H. “begged for help” on social networking sites as well as warned others when applying for a job at this address. After that, the owner of the restaurant contacted and threatened H.. Because he was too scared, now H. has returned to his hometown, not daring to stay in Da Nang.

“I just hope to get the rest of the money, because it’s my sweat and effort,” H expressed.

After thatPV Infonet contacted the owner of LHS restaurant, and this restaurant owner said, reported the incident to the local police.

The restaurant owner shared that, according to the restaurant’s regulations, employees will receive 70% of the probationary salary in the first 10 days. The exchange when recruiting and calculating salary, he assigned to the manager, so he did not know how the manager and the other employee had discussed and agreed with each other.

The restaurant owner also admitted that while being hot-tempered and angry because he was threatened with “unmasking”, he had “hands and feet” with employee H.

“Everybody who entered the job accepted to receive 70% of the probationary salary, but if she didn’t work but found a job, I think it was because the competition let the person come. Because my shop is crowded, there aren’t any shops around, so I think so,” said the restaurant owner.

According to the owner of the restaurant, this incident is not necessarily right or wrong, he also wanted to call the employee, so H. to apologize, handle it smoothly, pay 100% of the money, but she did not answer the phone, refused to accept the call. meet.

Dieu Thuy

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