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Fascinatingly beautiful just by the appearance of a tree

These days, Hanoi’s young people are constantly buzzing about virtual photography locations with all kinds of flowers, trees, green leaves and yellow leaves of all kinds… Besides the familiar seasons of flowers and flowers. In the purple season, the season when the sesame trees lose their leaves, Hanoi this year is even more prominent with the trend of taking pictures with rows of small leaves.

Before that, the road of Pomelo, where there are a series of small yellow-leaved eagle trees, caused a constant stir because of the magical photography angle. But day by day, people are discovering more and more such roads. Pay close attention to see, whether the small leaves are still green, have turned yellow or have lost all the leaves, when entering the frames, they are all extremely beautiful!

Hanoi is so different now: Enchantingly beautiful just because of the appearance of a tree

This is a section of the road where many small palm trees are planted, recorded by a young person in Hanoi. It is known that this road is located near the Thanh Tri bridge area.

Seeing this different image of Hanoi, netizens are all very excited:

– Hanoi is wearing a new shirt.

– The picture looks so good!

– So beautiful.

– Passed by without noticing, did not expect it to be so beautiful.

– Hanoi is so beautiful now, isn’t it?

Source: TikTok @hienhienhh01

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