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Hien Ho used to suffer because her husband was robbed

Hien Ho known to the audience since the contest The Voice 2017 in Coach Toc Tien’s team. Stepping out of the contest, the female singer was strongly impressed by her pretty doll-like face and high voice with a knack for ballads. Especially in her career, Hien Ho used to have many hits that made fans “trouble”. Including 2 music products that she once fell into an ironic situation.

Hien Ho fell into the “love triangle” scene, but the “tieu tam” character created a twist

At the end of 2019, Hien Ho told a wacky love story in MV Yes Like No. The MV after its broadcast once attracted the attention of fans and quickly reached a high position on the top trending after only a few days of airing. Before her debut, many people could hardly imagine that Hien Ho would tell a passionate love story and she was the “victim” in the MV.

Yes Like No (CNKC) – Hien Ho | Official Music Videos

The MV opens with a scene of Hien Ho in the image of an adult woman entering the exhibition of her own paintings. Soon, she remembered a love that, according to her, was wrong from the start. Loving with all her heart is like that, but no one expected that, after all, she was still just a passionate woman when she saw the person she loved being intimate with another man.

However, despite extreme suffering, Hien Ho chose to handle “jealousy” quite civilized. She chose to sit down and talk with “tieu tam” and even thanked her for helping her stop this love that was wrong in the first place.

Hien Ho witnessed with his own eyes that her husband had a relationship with “tieu tam” who was a man

She broke the glass by herself, making her husband very surprised

She decided to remove the ring to give up this marriage

Hien Ho used to suffer because her husband was robbed, the identity of the trio caused a complete shock!  - Photo 5.

But in the end, he chose a civilized way to “beat jealousy”

Hien Ho was “tripped” by a lover with a tragic plot piling up tragedy

After Yes Like Noat the end of 2020, Hien Ho returned to the music industry with the same product Meet But Don’t Stay. Here is the product that she revealed that she has devoted a lot of effort to creating a monumental project in her singing career.

The beginning of the MV is a romantic love story between a nurse (Hien Ho) and a hunter. The incident of the relationship began to appear when she witnessed this guy dating another girl. Even “tieu tam” has children with the man she loves.

Meet But Don’t Stay – Hien Ho Ft. Vuong Anh Tu

But in the middle of the MV, the audience realized that this “little tam” girl actually planned from the beginning when she interfered in the relationship between Hien Ho and the boy and deliberately had a child with him. Because of his responsibility to his family, he decided to stay with Cat Tien and reluctantly had to act in a sweet scene in a restaurant so that the nurse could give up the relationship.

MV Meet But Don’t Stay ended with a tragic moment when the nurse died in a car explosion in the middle of the forest. The boy’s regret could not bring the girl back to him in the end.

Hien Ho and the hunter fell in love at the beginning of the MV

But she herself witnessed him with another girl

The ending of the MV makes the audience feel choked

Clip and Photo: Compilation 20220319225831748.chn

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