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How is the cast of ‘Stork Dance’ after 20 years?

Twenty years after the release date, the career and private life of the cast of the once-popular “Dance of the Stork” have undergone many major changes.

Dance of the stork The script was co-written by writer Nguyen Quang Sang, poet Nguyen Duy, poet Thu Bon and veteran and American writer Waynes Karlin, released in 2002, marking the first collaboration of Vietnamese cinema. South – Singapore. This is also the first collaboration of two directors Jonathan Foo and Nguyen Phan Quang Binh, set in wartime Vietnam and bringing together the famous Vietnamese actors of that time with Chi Bao, Ngoc Hiep, Ngo Quang Hai. , Sea oats…

Chi Bao

How is the cast of 'Stork Dance' after 20 years?
Actor Chi Bao

In the movie Chi Bao take on the role of Lam – a young commando and also a spy operating in the enemy’s heart. Referring to the name Chi Bao, many viewers must have known him through hot movies for a while like Children of the City, Luc Van Tien, Ugly Girl…

How is the cast of 'Stork Dance' after 20 years?
Chi Bao and his young wife.

Experiencing two marriages with sad endings, Chi Bao is currently happy with his young wife, 16 years younger than Thuy Chang. Regularly showing affection and giving compliments to his wife, Chi Bao confided: “I love Chang because she is a straightforward and sincere person. On the contrary, Chang also saw in me the qualities that made her choose me as her side.” In January 2022, the actor’s small family became even more happy when Gia Khang was born.

At the end of 2021, after 25 years of work, Luc Van Tien announced his retirement at the age of 48 to enjoy family life.

Ngoc Hiep

Perhaps the impression from the role in the movie Bad girl so big that most of the audience forgot that Ngoc Hiep used to be charming with Chi Bao in the movie Dance of the stork. She plays Thuy Lan – the wife of Lam’s character played by Chi Bao.

How is the cast of 'Stork Dance' after 20 years?
Actor Ngoc Hiep.

She attended the first film acting course in Ho Chi Minh City in 1991 and was in the same class as Ly Hung, Diem Huong, and Le Tuan Anh, but her career was not as outstanding as that of her contemporaries. After many years of efforts, she was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist by the state in 2001. She completed the directing course and became the director of the studio. The two most recent film projects with the appearance of Ngoc Hiep are Phuong Khau (2020) and Ghost stories near home (2022).

How is the cast of 'Stork Dance' after 20 years?
Ngoc Hiep and her husband.

At the age of U60, Huyen Dieu is currently living a happy life with her husband. Her husband is Nguyen Thanh Danh – a teacher of bodybuilding and mime. Ngoc Hiep shared that she and her husband always care, understand and share everything with their other half. Therefore, her marriage, even though it has been over 20 years, has always kept the same fire and romance as the beginning.

Ngo Quang Hai

In stork dance, Ngo Quang Hai plays Van – a political cadre with a romantic soul who likes to write poems and write diaries. Moving from acting to directing, Van has affirmed his ability every day through the success of the film Pao’s story and became a famous director in the world.

How is the cast of 'Stork Dance' after 20 years?
Director Quang Hai and his wife.

Contrary to his career, director Quang Hai’s private life is quiet and tight-lipped. After a broken marriage with actor Hai Yen, in 2013 Ngo Quang Hai married a young wife 25 years younger. His wife is a beautiful Diep Hong Dao born in 1992, she used to compete in Miss Mekong Delta and Miss Vietnam 2012. After marriage, Diep Hong Dao retired to hide and became the rear of her husband. The love of the couple bears fruit happily after 9 years with two lovely sons.

Do Hai Yen

Playing the supporting role of Hoai – Van’s wife in Dance of the storkDo Hai Yen then reaped many successes in her career from hit movies like Quiet Americans (2001), Pao’s story (2005), Playing with it (2008), Endless fields (2009), Father and Son and...(2015). She received the best actress award for Golden Kite 2006, Golden Lotus 2007 and Vietnam International Film Festival 2010.

How is the cast of 'Stork Dance' after 20 years?
Hai Yen and Calvin Tai Lam.

After divorcing director Ngo Quang Hai in 2007, Pao decided to share a house with businessman Calvin Tai Lam in 2012 and temporarily stopped her artistic activities to focus on being a wife and mother. Life after marriage only revolves around family and children, but Hai Yen thinks that her current life is almost perfect and she herself is very happy when she becomes a mother of three children.

At the end of 2021, Hai Yen reappeared in public when she appeared with her husband and children in an event organized by herself in Ho Chi Minh City.


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